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What Is A Solar Camping Shower Bag
- Feb 01, 2018 -

A solar camping shower bag is an amazing bag filled with water which is heated by the sunlight so that we can take an easy&convenient&comfortable outdoor shower.The advanced solar camping shower bag is a excellent item for campers,as it allows for showering while backpacking or in very rural areas.They are also popular among building workers,as they can make the builders to wash off the grime of the day without having to go home.

The simplest type of solar camping shower consists of a small bag,generally around 5 gallons (20 liters),usually made of a flexible PVC coated black or dark gray and the materials are all environmental friendly.A long flexible hose&shower head are included.Advanced design for the shower head:ON/OFF switch&switchable from low to high water current.

The solar camping shower is filled with water,then hung in a tree or on the wall of a building in the hot sunshine.It will be heated up for some time that generally on a relatively warm day from 70 degree Fahrenheit (21 Celsius) to a good shower temperature of around 110 degrees Fahrenheit (43 Celsius) in three hours or less.After being heated,you just need stand beneath it,and use the switch to direct the hot water over your body.

This basic solar camping shower can be found for around $15 US Dollars (USD),making it an economical addition to a backpacking kit.Some more dynamic varieties of the shower can cost in the $40 USD to $50 USD range,depending on the materials used and the additional components.For example,there are types of solar shower that are meant for whitewater rafting campers,which act as a solar shower when filled with water,but are also built to act as a drybag when empty,so that food and valuables can be protected on the river.

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