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Waterproof Bag Whether The Quality Of Clearance
- Oct 25, 2017 -

In recent years, due to the use of mobile phones more and more popular, more and more widely used, most people in life can not do without mobile phones, mobile phone waterproof bag also came into being. Mobile phone waterproof bag openings have a sophisticated seal, in our view can prevent the infiltration of water, play a role in protecting the phone. And the popular waterproof pouch on the market mostly cheap, so attract a lot of consumers, then these waterproof bags is not really useful? Usually, waterproof bags for our mobile phone can play a protective role, but The key is to see if you are how to use it? And depends on the quality of your choice of waterproof bags

First, pay attention to the use of time

Any product has its most suitable use of time, that is, we usually say "shelf life." Many products once more than its "shelf life" will be bad, the effect will be greatly reduced. So we use the phone waterproof bag must pay attention not to be too frequent use, it is best to have a regular replacement, to avoid the waterproof bag for too long and metamorphic and so on.

Second, make preparations before use

When you get a waterproof bag, first of all do not rush to put our expensive mobile phone into it, you should first use a dry paper towel filled with waterproof bag, and then buckle the button, into the water filled bucket inside, waiting for a period of time to test Waterproof bag waterproof. If you finally find the paper towel is not wet that waterproof bag can be trusted, this time can put the phone assured to it. If you find a wet traces of paper towels to prove poor water resistance, this time you can not put the phone into the slightly.

Third, choose high-quality mobile phone waterproof bag

Of course, the most critical or waterproof bag choice, only the choice of high-quality products to the best for our mobile phone escort.

We can according to their own needs to buy. At the time of purchase, we should buy according to your own needs, clearly swimming, diving or other reasons. Daily waterproof function Most of the waterproof bags can be met, but if you want to use as a dive for a long time when the pressure of large activities should choose a more superior waterproof bag.

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