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Waterproof Bag Waterproof Equipment
- Oct 26, 2017 -

Into the summer, Baotou region continued high temperature, Waterproof Bag water park, swimming pool has become a good place for people to play refreshing, many friends in order to record a happy time, gave their mobile phone configuration waterproof bag.

First need to say is the phone waterproof bag is not 100% waterproof. Waterproof bag waterproof effect is limited, while the product marked in the use of the environment can play a role. Waterproof Bag Ordinary waterproof bag is only a simple waterproof equipment, Waterproof Bag and can not meet the professional technical standards, water pressure, temperature, immersion time and other factors will affect the waterproof effect. (Such as hot water baths, hot springs or water temperature is too low environment), water quality differences (such as seawater) and other circumstances will cause the waterproof situation worse, Waterproof Bag or even failure (such as diving, rapid water flow), the temperature exceeds a certain limit The Some waterproof bags can only prevent water splashing or water splashing, and can not soak in water for a long time. Consumers must carefully read the instructions after use to understand, Waterproof Bag according to their own needs to buy, use, must not rely on personal experience.

 Before the use of the waterproof bag itself to be checked, with or without damage, cracking, hardening of the material brittle situation; mobile phone should be put into the bag as far as possible after the air to avoid the pressure in the environment bag air will seal open; To carefully check the sealing seal state, do the necessary sealing test; after use to pay attention to storage environment. Do not use a long time to store the aging of the material waterproof bag.

After understanding the function and precautions of the waterproof bag, it is optional. Swimming pool, water park, hot springs around the store has a waterproof bag sales, the best choice in the purchase of sealing and more thick texture of the waterproof bag, Waterproof Bag in the store to buy the appearance of the waterproof bag intact, logo, use Description, certificate, etc. to check, to avoid the purchase of shoddy products. Waterproof Bag Some shop sales of waterproof bags is the "cabbage price", Waterproof Bag consumers should avoid the cheap psychological, to choose a large mall to buy brand goods to ensure the use of security.

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