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Waterproof Bag Waterproof Effect
- Nov 06, 2017 -

Put a paper towel in the waterproof bag, seal the mouth and put it in the water. Waterproof Bag After 3 hours of immersion, the paper towel in the bag is not wet, Waterproof Bag but this does not mean that two of mobile phone waterproof bag is really "foolproof." "Some waterproof bags in the case of static without water, but in a strong impact and water pressure may occur when the seal loosening, resulting in water." So remind you to use heavy weights to hold the mobile phone waterproof bag, and then into the water to observe the situation, 2 hours or so to check out again, paper towels are not wet, this test is more insurance.

The first thing to say is that the cell phone waterproof bag is not 100% waterproof. Waterproof bag waterproof effect is limited, at the same time in the product indicated by the use of the environment can play a role. Ordinary waterproof bag is only a simple waterproof equipment, and can not achieve professional technical standards, Waterproof Bag water pressure, temperature, long soaking and other factors will affect the waterproof effect. Water pressure is too large (such as diving, water rushing waters), the temperature exceeds a certain limit (such as hot water bath, hot spring or water temperature is too low environment), Waterproof Bag the difference (such as water) and other conditions will cause deterioration of water, or even failure. Some waterproof bags can only prevent water splashing or water splashing, and can not be immersed in water for a long time. Consumers must carefully read the use of instructions to understand, according to their own needs to buy, use, do not rely on personal experience.

Before use to check the waterproof bag itself, there is no damage, cracking, Waterproof Bag material hardening and brittle condition; After the mobile phone into the bag should be as far as possible to exhaust air, to avoid in the pressure environment in the bag inside the sealing strip burst; Carefully check the sealing condition of the sealing bar, do the necessary tightness test,Waterproof Bag and pay attention to the storage environment after use. Do not use long time storage material aging of the waterproof bag.

In the understanding of the function of the waterproof bag and attention items, is to buy. Natatorium, water park, hot springs around the shops have waterproof bag sales, in the selection of the best choice to seal more than the thickness of the waterproof bag, in the physical shop to buy the appearance of good waterproof bag, logo, use instructions, certification, etc. to avoid the purchase of counterfeit products.

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