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Waterproof Bag The Degree Of Dryness
- Oct 11, 2017 -

When we go out to play, often with some mobile phones and some necessary necessities in the body. However, we will be very convenient when playing. For example, we have to play in the water, Waterproof Bag swimming and some water sports, these items will be worn on the risk of being wet. So, there is a waterproof bag. We only know that waterproof bags can be waterproof, any other information, I think nobody should really understand it.

According to the literal meaning, Waterproof Bag we can clearly know his definition, is a waterproof bag. This is usually used in water activities, outdoor activities or diving use, to protect some of our valuables. In our course of these activities, you can carry the items with you, but also to ensure his dryness.

Most of the waterproof bags are almost the same shape, the material used is also almost the same. For example, the bag body will use the waterproof material, Waterproof Bag pocket the use of mechanical seal. So as to achieve the role of waterproof.

1, the general waterproof: the general use of waterproof technology is the use of needle and thread of the technology will be waterproof cloth suture, and then use the waterproof glue in the sewing at the smear to ensure that the overall effect of water can be achieved.

2, professional waterproof: professional waterproof can be divided into the following two processes.

The first, for the process or material requirements are very high, have to achieve the level of waterproof. Therefore, this waterproof bag will mainly be used in outdoor drifting more water, Waterproof Bag high demand for waterproof bags. The use of these high-quality raw materials (usually 500D-1000D and TPU composite of these two), the use of high-pressure hot melt, a few pieces of material fusion together, the middle will not appear any gaps. In order to strengthen the waterproof, but also in the pocket out about 15cm placed transparent material. The whole bag produced, that is, inside and outside the three, to achieve the role of the real super waterproof. Waterproof Bag If the skills to get, these materials can be filled with gas as a life ring to use.

The second, diving waterproof, compared to the first, this level of waterproof bag waterproof function is a step closer, generally in the sneak into 10 meters or so, basically no problem. This waterproof bag is mainly used for underwater photography (protection of photographic equipment). Waterproof Bag This waterproof bag in the production, its raw materials to reach the dive level (with some of the diving equipment, waterproof material is consistent, the process is also a reference to the diving equipment process). Truly seamless convergence of the waterproof bag to ensure that 10-20 meters below the water, there will not be water seepage situation.

With the continuous improvement of people's living standards, for the quality of life has also been a big request. During the holidays, many people will choose to go out to play. In recent years, a large number of people will go to some island countries for tourism, some water sports have been well received. Because it is the water movement, want to carry the items on the more difficult. Waterproof Bag So the emergence of waterproof bags, greatly solve this confusion. Waterproof bags to ensure that our items will not let the water soaked, keep dry. The future, this form of water sports will be more and more, waterproof bag market will not shrink. To be sure, waterproof bags in the future prospects of the future limitless.

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