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Waterproof Bag Test
- Aug 22, 2017 -

Now waterproof bags more and more popular, riding, climbing, swimming, diving, hot springs and so on. But sometimes the seller does not explain how the use of waterproof bags, especially after the first thing to buy waterproof bag is the first test. On the test of this one for a description of reference. We must remember that the first test and then use! The The

First, put the paper towel into the waterproof bag.

Second, the seal on the top of the waterproof bag tighten, fasten fastened. This place must be safe, waterproof here.

Third, to ensure that after fastening, into the pool (basin, bucket, etc.), if the time can be their own pressure, or find something to the water bag pressure to the water.

Fourth, after about 5-10 minutes in the water, take the waterproof bag out. Wipe dry surface wipes with clean dry wipes. Then start opening the buckle and seal. Here also pay attention to Oh, buckle and seal the water droplets have to wipe clean, or drops of water will fall into the waterproof bag.

Fifth, the water drops are wiped clean, remove the paper towel. The paper towel is not wet, indicating that the waterproof bag is not leaked. On the contrary, you need to communicate with the seller Oh.


Whether it is a new waterproof bag or has been used for a long time, it is best to use before the test. Because there may be scratches in the preservation process. For everyone's mobile phone tablet security, test what is wrong.

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