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Waterproof Bag Should Be Aware
- Aug 09, 2017 -

Now waterproof bag is more and more popular, riding, Waterproof Bag mountaineering, swimming, diving, hot springs and so on. But sometimes the seller does not explain how the waterproof bag is used, especially when the first thing to be tested is to buy a waterproof bag.Waterproof Bag Give a reference to the test. You must remember, Waterproof Bag test and reuse!

First, put the tissue in a waterproof bag

Second, seal the seal on the top of the waterproof bag and fasten it tightly. Waterproof Bag This place must buckle safe, waterproof is here.

Third, ensure that the buckle, put into the pool (water basin, bucket, etc.), Waterproof Bag if there is time to pressure themselves, or find something to put a waterproof bag into the water.

Four, after about 5-10 minutes in the water, take out the waterproof bag. Dry the surface of a clean dry cloth. Then start opening the buckle and seal. Also pay attention to here Oh, Waterproof Bag press the buckle and seal the water droplets also want to wipe clean, otherwise drops will fall into the waterproof bag.

When the water drops are wiped clean, remove the paper towels. The paper towel is not wet, Waterproof Bag indicating that the waterproof bag is not leaking. On the contrary, you need to communicate with the seller OH.

Waterproof bag or waterproof bag is an essential equipment for outdoor travel, can ensure that items in the rainy days will not be wet, even if the back stream, drifting, surfing, Waterproof Bag swimming activities, some waterproof bag is also suitable for use. So, how to choose waterproof bag, in the process of selecting waterproof bag should pay attention to what place?

1. Waterproof Bag main function is waterproof

Now there is a part of the market waterproof package, waterproof package performance is very poor, Waterproof Bag slightly damp heavy or rain will be a lot of things in the bag is wet, so in the choice of waterproof bag when you must choose a good waterproof performance of the package, of course, Waterproof Bag can be nested a layer of rain-proof cover.

2. Anti-scraping function of waterproof bag

Choose Waterproof Bag When you must choose scratch-proof, non-slip waterproof bag; when walking outdoors, it is inevitable to walk together the lush place of the trees, Waterproof Bag by the weed branches hanging bag is certain things, or carry the bag on the wall and the rest of the tree rod when Ma rub. If the quality of the waterproof bag is not good, Waterproof Bag it is easy to rupture, then the things on your journey will not be preserved intact.

3. Anti-tearing property of waterproof package

Choose Waterproof Bag When you must choose to tear-proof waterproof bag; When traveling outdoors, we'll definitely have some more tents, cooking utensils, and so on, are packed in a backpack, Waterproof Bag so if you buy the package quality is not good, loaded with half, too much tear, Waterproof Bag or in the course of walking, with the body shaking, the package body can not bear the important tearing in the bag is worth the candle.

And now most of the waterproof bag is used TPU laminating fabric or PVC mesh fabric, Waterproof Bag these are professional waterproof fabrics. TPU laminating fabric Because is a layer of TPU, the middle is nylon, the other layer is TPU coating, so its quality is very good, scratch, prevent tearing! and PVC folder Mesh fabric, Waterproof Bag is a double-layer TPU, the middle for the folder mesh, very resistant to tearing, Waterproof Bag scratch, corrosion resistance. In comparison, the latter is more suitable for rock climbing and exploration activities. Waterproof Bag This is many times better than the ordinary waterproof bag.

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