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Waterproof Bag More And More
- Jun 16, 2017 -

Especially in summer, swimming, running, water park, many outdoor activities. Modern mobile phone family more and more. More and more inseparable from the phone, this time need a professional mobile phone waterproof bag to protect your love machine. Now people's lives, Waterproof Bag mobile phones become increasingly essential part, but most of the phone is not waterproof, the phone in the water "haunt", many people choose mobile phone waterproof bag. However, with a mobile phone waterproof bag really can be foolproof? No, Waterproof Bag the public Ms. Liu encountered a waterproof bag into the blister bad cell phone trouble. August 31, she told reporters about the phone was badly through the blisters.

August 30, who lives in Wenfeng District, Ms. Liu and his family to Wenfeng District Po Lin Temple town water park to play, in order to prevent Apple mobile water, Ms. Liu in the water park in the small supermarket to spend 20 yuan to buy A cell phone waterproof bag, but did not expect the phone waterproof bag edge and rope interface without gasket fixed, mobile phone waterproof bag fell into the water into the water bag, Waterproof Bag the value of nearly 6,000 yuan of mobile phone water immersion, can not boot The

Afterwards, Ms. Liu will be damaged to get the maintenance of the phone to repair, the other side after the check that the phone tail inserted bad, change the tail at least 300 yuan, not including mobile phone internal problems. "You can not look at the phone so scrapped, and spent 20 dollars, actually lost nearly 6,000 yuan, have to find a waterproof bag business rationale." Ms. Liu said that when she found the business, Waterproof Bag the other said only agreed Refund their 20 dollars, Miss Liu one, "Well, we'll find a place to reason it." August 30, in the case of no claims, Ms. Liu will complain to the Po Lin Temple Industrial and Commercial Office.

August 31, after receiving the complaint, industrial and commercial law enforcement officers after investigation, found that mobile phone waterproof bag is flawed, but consumers in the use of the process there are also improper. After law enforcement officers patient mediation, the final water park that the mobile phone water has a certain responsibility, agreed to pay a one-time payment of Ms. Waterproof Bag Liu 250 yuan as a mobile phone repair costs, refund their 20 yuan, and compensation for Ms. Liu value of 200 yuan water park tickets.

In this, the business sector to remind consumers, the market some of the "waterproof bag" equipment quality varies greatly, consumers at the time of purchase, must not choose no quality assurance "three no" products. Before use, the first waterproof performance test, test the performance of waterproof mobile phone bags, Waterproof Bag and then with the use of mobile phones. In addition, consumers are playing some "hydrophilic" project, it is best not to bring the phone to the water.

In addition to the practical function of the band, but also does not affect the phone's photography function, the transparent location of the use of high-definition pure transparent material to ensure 100% clarity in the play process can leave a happy moment, fun , It is to enjoy, practical, love ah

High elastic arm band, the length can be transferred, the size of all the common arm, regardless of boyfriend or girlfriend's arm, the use of flexible, easy to operate.

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