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Waterproof Bag Material
- Jun 30, 2017 -

Waterproof water sports activities, Waterproof Bag outdoor tourism, diving essential supplies. The bag is made of a waterproof material and is made of water repellent in the car suture. In the water activities and outdoor activities in the process, you can put the items into the waterproof bag to ensure that the items dry. Waterproof Bag Features: small bag University asked. Bag body is waterproof material, Waterproof Bag pocket is mechanical seal. The real waterproof package to material technology and waterproof conditions to qualify whether it is waterproof.

Different outdoor activities, choose a different waterproof bag, is absolutely necessary. Now more waterproof bags. Classification, generally from the capacity or function on the division. We have the following: mobile phone waterproof bag, 5L12L storage waterproof bag, with stooge, retractable bag, Waterproof Bag camera waterproof bag, waterproof pockets, rock climbing backpack (hole waterproof package), waterproof travel bag, fishing bag, bicycle waterproof side bag, Waterproof saddle bag, bicycle waterproof front bag, Waterproof Bag bicycle waterproof pack, riding waterproof backpack and so on.

And now most of the waterproof packages are used TPU fit fabric or pvc clip fabric, these are professional waterproof fabric. TPU fit fabric because it is a layer of TPU, the middle is nylon, the other layer is TPU coating, so its quality is also very good, scratch-resistant, Waterproof Bag anti-tear! The PVC folder fabric, is a double TPU, the middle folder material, very resistant to tear, scratch, corrosion resistance. The latter is more suitable for climbing, cave activities. This is much better than ordinary waterproof packs

In many cities, often in the rain place out of office, running business, especially the loan companies, courier companies, white-collar enterprises, often need waterproof bags, personal files need waterproof bags, to avoid their valuables or confidential documents by the wet. Waterproof Bag Here to give you a detailed description of the correct use of waterproof bags:

First, taking into account the waterproof bag is to walkers waterproof, for example, other waterproof bags take into account the form of crimping, the operation is the same.

Second, the effective waterproof function, Waterproof Bag first of all to do the waterproof bag essential to waterproof.

Waterproof bag It can be composite kraft paper, pearl film, Waterproof Bag coextrusion film, aluminum material, but also a waterproof function, and shock, anti-extrusion function is better, Waterproof Bag generally used for electronic products, CD Express logistics packaging transport.

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