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Waterproof Bag How To Pick
- Jan 14, 2017 -

Step one: think about your trip type

Decide a suitable waterproof travel packages, the first condition is to meet the types of activities engaged in, to think about.

1, the length of duration;

2, a number of years used to;

3, type of sport you are engaged in outdoor activities;

4, how to explore the area;

Step two: decide on a waterproof travel package basic styles

Soft waterproof bag: no internal support structure of small-medium size waterproof bags


1, the price is cheap and easy to buy;

2, light and do not account for the volume.

External-frame waterproof bag: fixation of the frame structure of the equipment can be evenly distributed to shoulder, hip, and waterproof bags and the system are attached to an external skeleton.


1, available on the easy to medium difficult routes provides huge carrying capacity;

2, waterproof body with a large amount of storage space available, with compartments for convenience, side bags, bag in order to facilitate packing and access equipment

3, plug-in capable, can be very efficiently a large amount of equipment racks;

4, in the bear because the back of the body and back rooms lined with breathable mesh with, it has good permeability, use more ventilation and dry;

5, compared with the same size frame waterproof bag prices were still relatively cheap.

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