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Waterproof Bag Growing Faster
- Jun 02, 2017 -

Nowadays, with the improvement of people's living standard, express industry is developing rapidly. So if you want to express the smooth and easy to reach our hands, Waterproof Bag then the bags used in The courier is a high demand. In addition to some basic requirements, but also to do waterproof, that is, we often say the waterproof bag, then about the waterproof bag of some common materials have what?

When it comes to waterproof bag material, we often use is plastic express water bag, this kind of courier bag material is mainly by PE material, that is, Waterproof Bag we often say polyethylene to be made.

Another material is the PO or PE coextrusion made of film, for our country, the main use is PE. The other is more common in some countries in Europe. But all we have to say is that no matter what kind of material is waterproof, everyone can be assured of that.

In addition to the above we said Plastic Express waterproof bag, there is a waterproof bag is a composite bubble waterproof bag, which is also a waterproof bag. Waterproof Bag This waterproof bag is usually compound kraft paper, coextrusion film, pearl membrane and other materials, so it is also waterproof function, in addition to these other advantages can be shockproof, but also is better extrusion performance.

Waterproof bag materials generally have these, each performance is very good, and these bags are usually used to transport those electronic products, CD-ROM and other things, waterproof effect is very good, so widely welcomed by the express industry.

1, for swimming, drifting and diving outdoor activities such as waterproof, can dive to answer phone calls or photos, and can drift water. Can be used for diving enthusiasts, Waterproof Bag field workers and drifting enthusiasts!

2, the picture and the camera outside the bag shooting basically no difference, 100% completely sealed. Because it is completely sealed, moisture, dust, mud, sand, Waterproof Bag snow and oil can not harm the camera. Can be operated directly in the protection sleeve. This product can prevent the digital camera in the beach and sea play when the water, sand into the problem. Let you shoot and play as you please.

3, waterproof and dustproof sealing design, stable and reliable, from the TPU cold material production, regardless of the south, north, desert, Waterproof Bag mountains and rivers, swimming pool seaside, can provide your digital camera with reliable protection, so that the digital camera from the wind, frost, rain, snow, dust, spray, damp moisture, perspiration, and other hazards, you do not have to worry about the splash of water splashing, Hainan's Typhoon Rainstorm, Lushan clouds, the Shanghai Meiyu Qingdao damp, drifting waves, beach bathing pool people's slapstick, The environment of the desert wonders and the dust of the sky and so on travel and donkey's Good project may harm the handset.

4, go to sauna, drifting, Waterproof Bag swimming, etc., no longer have to worry about no camera/mobile phone in the side and worry. Do not worry about the mobile phone will be soaked with rain and distress. Put your camera/cell phone in the bag, just like you have a protector around you, and no longer feel distressed and wasted by the fact that the camera/cell phone is in the water. There's nothing to worry about.

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