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Waterproof Bag Features
- Oct 17, 2017 -

Waterproof bag water sports, outdoor tourism, diving essential supplies. The bag was made of waterproof material and made of water resistant to the sewing thread. In the process of water activities and outdoor activities, you can put your belongings in a waterproof bag to make sure the items are dry and dry.


The bag is a waterproof material. The bag is a mechanical seal. The true waterproof bag is made of material and waterproof to determine whether it is waterproof or not.


1: general waterproofing: general waterproofing is used to sew the waterproof fabric with needle-line technology, and then the needle line hole can be reached without water.

2. Professional waterproof: it can be divided into two categories:

A: both in technology and materials to the waterproof level as the highest requirements, this waterproof bag for outdoor drift with multiple, material to 500 - d - 1000 - d forming or TPU composite material is given priority to, hot-melt technology with high frequency voltage, make two pieces of material seamless amalgamation, combined with smooth mouth transparent 15 cm transparent material to strengthen, thirty percent, thirty percent, this approach to real waterproof, can be used as A life buoy after (inflatable).

B: waterproofing: there is a waterproof bag on the market that is used for telephone or camera. It can be waterproof for up to 10 meters. It can reach depths of 10 meters to 20 meters. 2 refers to the waterproof inner lining used in ski gloves, usually used in TPU or hipora and other waterproof breathable materials.

Now waterproof bags are becoming more and more popular, cycling, mountaineering, swimming, diving, hot spring etc. But sometimes the seller won't explain how the waterproof bag is used, especially if the first thing after buying a waterproof bag is to test it first. Make a reference to the test. You must remember, test before use!!

First, put a tissue in a waterproof bag

Second, tighten the seal on the waterproof bag and press QQ tightly. This place must be safely buckled, the waterproof is here.

Third, make sure that when you fasten it, put it in the sink (water basin, bucket, etc.), if you have time to press yourself, or find something to push the waterproof bag into the water.

Fourthly, after about 5-10 minutes in the water, remove the waterproof bag. Wipe clean dry cloth dry surface water beads. Then begin to open the button and seal. Also be careful here, the water bead that button and seal also should wipe clean, otherwise water bead can fall into waterproof bag.

Fifth, after the water is wiped clean, remove the paper towel. The paper towel is not wet, indicating that the waterproof bag is not leaking. Instead, you need to communicate with the seller.

Note: whether it's a new waterproof bag or has been used for a long time, it's best to test it before using it. Because it's possible that we'll have a scratch in the preservation process. For the safety of your mobile phone, it's not wrong to test it.

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