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Waterproof Bag Essential
- Jul 24, 2017 -

Waterproof bag or waterproof bag is an outdoor travel time is essential equipment, Waterproof Bag can ensure that items in the event of rainy days will not be wet, Waterproof Bag even upstream, drifting, surfing, swim activities, some waterproof package is also suitable for in use. So, Waterproof Bag how to choose waterproof bag, in the selection of waterproof package in the process should pay attention to what place?

Now the market has a part of the waterproof package, Waterproof Bag waterproof package performance is very poor, slightly wet weight or rain will be the bag of things are wet, Waterproof Bag so when you choose the waterproof package must choose a good waterproof package, of course You can set a layer of rain cover.

Choose waterproof when the package must choose to scratch, anti-rub waterproof package; outdoor walk through the time, it will inevitably take a lush place, Waterproof Bag was weed branches hanging bag is certainly something, or carrying a bag In the wall and the tree when the rest of the rub. If the quality of the waterproof bag is not good, Waterproof Bag easy to break, then you can not keep things on the road

Choose the waterproof bag when we must choose anti-tear waterproof package; outdoor travel time, we will certainly be some tents, cooking utensils, etc., are installed in the backpack, Waterproof Bag then if you buy the package is not good, Installed half of the child, too much to tear the tears, or in the course of walking, with the body shaking, Baoshen can not withstand the important things in the tear of the bag is worth the candle.

And now most of the waterproof packages are used TPU fit fabric or pvc clip fabric, these are professional waterproof fabric. TPU fit fabric because it is a layer of TPU, the middle is nylon, Waterproof Bag the other layer is TPU coating, so its quality is also very good, scratch-resistant, Waterproof Bag anti-tear! The PVC folder fabric, is a double TPU, the middle folder material, very resistant to tear, scratch, corrosion resistance. The latter is more suitable for climbing and caving activities. This is much better than ordinary waterproof packs.

Different outdoor activities, choose a different waterproof bag, Waterproof Bag is absolutely necessary. Now more waterproof bags. Classification, generally from the capacity or function on the division. We have a common: mobile phone waterproof bag, 5L12L storage waterproof bag, with stooge, retractable bag, camera waterproof bag, waterproof pockets, climbing backpack (hole waterproof package), waterproof travel bag, fishing bag, Waterproof Bag bicycle waterproof side bag, Waterproof saddle bag, bicycle waterproof front bag, bicycle waterproof pack, riding waterproof backpack and so on.

Waterproof water sports activities, Waterproof Bag outdoor tourism, diving essential supplies. The bag is made of a waterproof material and is waterproofed in a suture. Waterproof Bag In the water activities and outdoor activities in the process, you can put the items into the waterproof bag to ensure that the items dry. Features: small bag University asked. Bag body is waterproof material, pocket is the role of mechanical seal. Waterproof Bag The real waterproof package to material technology and waterproof conditions to qualify whether it is waterproof.

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