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This Indoor/outdoor Inflatable Sofa Can Be Used
- Jan 14, 2017 -

Air mattress for many people should be no stranger to camping, the beach, swimming pools and even makeshift beds at home, no less seen its shadow. Today, gas is not the only mattress, inflatable furniture has started to come out, may wish to look at.

In fact, it goes without saying that the benefits of inflatable furniture, easy storage, easy handling and low cost. More important is, inflatable furniture can be combined arbitrarily, assembled, whether small dwelling or a House can HOLD. And both indoor and outdoor application, far from traditional furniture as precious.

Recently, Canada company LeFun has introduced a brand new inflatable sofa, this inflatable sofa features a modular design, you can freely assemble, disassemble, any combination to make your home easily can become once more.

LeFun inflatable sofa features a modular design, in each edge of the sofa are equipped with latch and can be combined with any other module. At the more intimate, LeFun inflatable sofa not only ordinary single/double, single side armrest is also specially designed single-bit, as well as two-side handrails single modules of different shapes, just through a simple mix, can make the whole sofa a big change.

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