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Outdoor Equipment
- Apr 22, 2017 -

In close to nature temporarily unable to go home, how can we easily rush out in a cold shower? In the outdoor activities, still inconvenient for the water and distress it? Zhejiang Baolong Outdoor Products Co., Ltd. The new invention of the portable shower is definitely a good artifact. It is fashionable, light texture, easy to fold, environmental adaptability, price concessions, easy to carry, is your travel and outdoor activities essential goods. It has a very strong storage capacity, and can provide a stable water pressure 5-7 minutes, filling the water after the shower, step on several times to pump the empty part of the water bag filled with air, as long as you can in the vicinity Find a reliable source of water on it. Whether it is climbing, riding, or camping need to clean the used cutlery, fruit, or clay on the clay, the dog's dust, and even the garden need to water the flowers and trees ... ... this series of problems are This can be solved by this portable pressure shower.

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