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Mesh Bag Stitching Required
- Oct 17, 2017 -

We are very familiar with the net bag, but when buying, there is a certain requirement for its appearance.

First of all to look at its hand feeling problem, if it is PP flat silk knitting, the feeling is thicker, very broad, thick hard. And the hand feeling of HDPE flat silk knitted fabrics is soft, lubricity, not dense at the same time. Then it is the size inspection, including the width of shrinkage. Because all the width of the weave cloth weaving after coiling, after ZhanJuan cutting, printing, sewing bag made of width should be less than the width of the coiling, so it is very important for this control. In addition, the color selection is also important. The quality of the mesh bag is very bright and delicate, and it is also more attractive.

The appearance of the net bag is not only visually more attractive, but also has a certain standard in the quality, it can also be seen in the appearance of its quality.

Key points of processing technology of net bag

Mesh bag is popular with the quickening pace of social life of the packaging supplies, however we are usually common mesh bag processing technology is not very understanding, here is to know about the process of mesh bag

We have learned, mesh bag of each production process is fairly strict production requirements, mesh bag is made of pp plastic processing many times, for the stitching strength of the mesh bag, country also has a strict standard, the kinds of sutures and model, a needle, needle is apart from the different influences the mesh bag is qualified or not; Another toughness strength is qualified of mesh bag must have, the last is the mesh bag printing process, in addition to the customer demand patterns of printing, the printing, the factory will print color logo to distinguish the quality of the products and models.

Mesh bag stitching requirements

The strength of mesh bag is an important index for making mesh bag. In the national standard of plastic woven bag GB/T8946 and composite plastic woven bag GB/T8947, the tensile load of seam and bottom is defined.

Is the main factor affecting the strength of stitched sutures and model, the kinds of stitch size, stitch and edge or ruffled sutures to bag the size of the edge, eager and cold cutting methods, etc. Plastic woven enterprise shall set up these influence factors of internal control indicators. For the complex film cold cutting bag, it is recommended that the edge should be processed, because the seam of the cold cutting edge may be torn from the thread and the weft wire. For the unintenseable woven bag for a week, the needle can be close, the line can be fine.

For bags, specified in the national standard, main connection of more than 67% of the tensile strength must meet the basic strength, at the bottom of the connection of more than 42% of the tensile strength must meet the basic strength. Cement bag for the pin on the sealing, suggest inspect handle with the bottom of the seam strength, to the bottom of the bag seam strength, generally are short of indicators, therefore, suggest to paste the bottom bag.

Specific purpose of the bag

A mesh bag is a pocket with a mesh hole. The net bag type is quite extensive, the net bag is divided into small net bag and big net bag, commonly is polyethylene or polypropylene and so on plastic as raw material, have wide use.

In the south of China, there has been a tradition of breeding bullfrogs and turtles. Because of the water content of aquatic products, it is necessary to transport them in a water-permeable pocket. Therefore, they have the application of a turtle mesh bag. But we've seen how the beans are transported, wrapped in gauze bags, and shipped to our cities.

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