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Mesh Bag Specific Use
- Sep 04, 2017 -

We should not be too strange for the net bag, life can often see, then its specific use of what? We take a look.

In China's southern aquaculture industry has been very developed, due to aquatic products, water content, use a good pockets of water transport, so the net bag came into being. North China often eat beans, soybeans are very common food, they are packed through the shawl net bag, and then transported to our city. There are flat mesh bag, is the specific use of our net bag: vegetables wholesale market often see the potatoes, kohlrabi, onions, large radish and other vegetables, net bags.

The use of the net bag is still very wide, so we are in the fishery, or in the transport of vegetables, fruits, have a good use. The appearance of the appearance of the bag

Net bag appearance of the elements of the purchase: We are really familiar with the net bag, but when the purchase, for its appearance or have some requirements.

First of all depends on its feel, if it is PP flat wire braid, then feel more solid, very wide, rough some. While the HDPE flat woven fabric feel soft, while lubrication, not dense. And then is the size of the inspection, including the width of the retraction rate. Since the width of all the knitted fabric weaving is the width of the bag made after cutting, printing and stitching, it is important to control this point. Another color selection is also very important part of the quality of good net bag color is very bright and delicate, but also more attractive.

The appearance of the net bag is not only visually more attractive, but also in quality there is a certain standard, from the appearance can also see its quality.

Net bags in our lives in the use of frequency is very wide, whether it can be used to hold fruit, eggs, toys, etc., we come today to learn how to identify the quality of vegetable bags.

In the detection of the time to be placed under the natural light visual, folding width with accurate to 0.1cm ruler measurement, testing requirements are very strict. It should be noted that in the same batch of vegetables net bag to see the size of its color difference, there is no obvious difference in color. And the net is no obvious stains. But also look at the bag of vegetable bags, good quality bags should be flat, and there is no obvious dislocation.

Net bag suture requirements: the processing of the net bag bag suture strength is an important indicator of the production of net bags. In the plastic woven bag GB / T8946 and composite plastic woven bag GB / T8947 national standard, clear the seam to the bottom of the tensile load.

The main factors affecting the strength of the suture are the type and type of suture, the size of the stitch, the size of the stitch, the curling, the crimping or the heel suture to the size of the bag, the manner of eagerness and coldting, etc. The plastic forming enterprise shall develop these influencing factors Internal control indicators. For laminating cold-cut bags, it is recommended to use crimping because the suture of the cold cut edge may be pulled out of the warp with the weft. For no strength requirements of the woven bag mouth lock a week, the needle can be dense, the line can be fine.

For the container bag, the national standard stipulates that the tensile strength of the main part must reach more than 67% of the basic strength, and the tensile strength of the bottom connecting part must reach more than 42% of the basic strength.For the upper sealing of the jack cement bag, It is recommended to treat the strength as the bottom of the seam, the strength of the bottom of the paper bag bottom, generally not reach the target, it is recommended to paste the bottom bag.

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