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Mesh Bag More And More High
- Jun 02, 2017 -

Bag is more and more widely used, and the requirements of the more and more high, onion bag quality how to improve?

To improve the quality of onion mesh bag, the first choice is to improve the surface gloss of onion mesh products, called brightening modification. On the other hand is to reduce the surface gloss of mesh, Mesh Bag to become extinction modification. Onion bag Brightening Specific methods in addition to the rational selection of raw materials, there are added brightening method, blending brightening method, Shape control brightening method, shaping equipment finish control and other methods to complete the improvement of gloss.

Improved gloss after the onion mesh bag in terms of quality and use of life have a greater improvement, Shandong Shouguang Tak run plastic Products Co., Ltd. main products have mesh bag, mesh bags, vegetable bag, fruit bag, nursery bag, aquatic bag, food bag. Production of products, Mesh Bag intuitive, colorful, durable and strong, and its permeability is good, so that after the packaging of vegetables and fruits are not easy to rot, deformation.

Mesh bag appearance quality and stitching inspection process, bag, mesh bag, vegetable bag, fruit and vegetable bags and other products specializing in the production and processing of self-employed mesh bag factory, for the quality of vegetable bag, the following suggestions:

1, natural light under visual, fold (bag) edge width with accurate to 0.1cm steel ruler measurement.

2, color: The same batch of products should not be significantly different.

3, stain: no obvious pollution.

4, Bag Edge: no obvious irregular convex.

5, String Pocket: Should be neat, interval no obvious dislocation.

6, broken weft break by: each mesh bag allowed to have nonadjacent 2 root, but need to be secured.

7, off the needle: not allowed.

Onion mesh bag is a bag, Mesh Bag the production process and bag is the same, mainly to plastic as raw materials, after the corresponding equipment extrusion wire drawing, also can be said to be made of flat wire, and then through the corresponding weaving into a mesh bag made into. Onion bag making process good or bad how to judge? Shouguang, Shandong, Germany run the following points to identify the onion bag good or bad skills:

1. Tenacity is the simplest and most effective way to test product materials, we can put the agricultural products into mesh bags, to observe the tension and tenacity of products, tension of the larger products belong to quality products.

2. See if there is a pressure of weft.

3. Observe whether the sewing process meets the standard.

4. Whether the density meets the usage requirements

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