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Mesh Bag Identify Quality
- Oct 25, 2017 -

We know that as long as there are cell bags in our daily life are called net bags, if classified according to use, then it is much more. Here are Bao Feng up to introduce the main classification of the net bag which? According to the material can be divided into: 1. Plastic extrusion bags; 2. Plastic woven mesh bags.

Extruded plastic bags imported polyethylene new material for the material, plastic raw materials through the extruder in the hot melt, the screw into a small hole with a number of small holes inside and outside the mouth of the special rotary head. The molten plastic flows through the die pores to form two strands of molten wire. Due to the rotation of the head, two strands of wire intermittent confluence in a little, thus forming a grid, and then by the cooling stereotypes into a network. It is eggs, vegetables, fruits, nuts, toys, etc. into the supermarket packaging important packaging materials.

Extruded plastic net bag is very easy to save, and its shelf life is very long. Used to wrap the product only need a button and squeeze the net, even without the need for buttons. It is necessary to pack the package quickly and neatly packed. Bags can be recycled, economic and environmental protection. Now the market a wide range of extruded plastic mesh, the quality of the product is worrying. How to buy a good out of the plastic network but only the line of talent to know. Here I come to share with you what kind of out of plastic network is good, change how to choose. What is the method?

1. look at the color of the bag is dull;

2. Look at the mesh bag mesh size is similar;

3. Look at the size of mesh bag mesh is uniform;

4. look at the thickness of the net bag network cable is the same;

5. pull a pull to see the expansion of the performance of the bag is good;

The woven bag is made of flat yarn. Flat yarn: flat cross-section of the chemical fiber monofilament, plastic industry also referred to as cutting fiber, which is the production of plastic woven fabric of the basic material, flat yarn from a specific breed of polypropylene, polyethylene resin melt extrusion Film, and then, the vertical cut into strips, the strip at the same time heating draft orientation after the final shape, and finally wound into flat yarn spindles. Production method is: the fiber-forming polymer melt extrusion film or blown film, casting film, and then by stretching, cutting made. The film-forming product is called a film-splitting fiber. Including split (cut) and tear fibers. Its manufacturing process is characterized by short process, simple equipment, high yield and low cost.

 It is not the market there are a lot of woven bags are very much, we want to buy inexpensive woven bags will be bad their own eyes to seriously identify the way the card is very important to the following important to tell you to identify high-quality woven bags 3 methods.

1. Color test: This can be used to observe the naked eye, to see its color, lines with needle edge, can not be messy, should be very pure color.

2. Burr: usually some of the yarn's burr, this can also be observed with the naked eye, the ribbon on both sides and the lock can not have a serious hair ball and hair.

3. Jump needle: This can be observed by the naked eye, the ribbon can not have a jump needle.

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