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Mesh Bag How To Identify Quality
- Sep 30, 2017 -

We are very familiar with the net bag, but when buying, there is a certain requirement for its appearance.

First of all to look at its hand feeling problem, if it is PP flat silk knitting, the feeling is thicker, very broad, thick hard. And the hand feeling of HDPE flat silk knitted fabrics is soft, lubricity, not dense at the same time. Then it is the size inspection, including the width of shrinkage. Because all the width of the weave cloth weaving after coiling, after ZhanJuan cutting, printing, sewing bag made of width should be less than the width of the coiling, so it is very important for this control. In addition, the color selection is also important. The quality of the mesh bag is very bright and delicate, and it is also more attractive.

The appearance of the net bag is not only visually more attractive, but also has a certain standard in the quality, it can also be seen in the appearance of its quality.

Specific use of mesh bags

We should not be too strange to the net bag, often can see in the life, then what is its specific use? Let's take a look.

Aquaculture industry in southern China has been very developed. Due to the large amount of water content, it is needed to transport the bag with water permeability. Therefore, the net bag is born. Our country north often eats the bean horn, edamame is very common food, they are through the gauze window net bag pack good, again arrive our city. There are also flat screen bags which we often see in vegetable wholesale markets, such as potato, turnip, onion, radish, etc.

The use of mesh bags is very wide, so we have good use for both fishing and transportation of vegetables and fruits.

The advantage of a net bag for serving eggs

Mesh bag manufacturer to produce the mesh bag is now very popular in the market, a few years ago at farmers' markets or supermarkets are used for holding an egg bag plastic film bag, this relatively airtight plastic bags, but also easy to crush the eggs. So what are the advantages of using a mesh bag to dress up eggs?

Eggs are breathing is known to all, if we use the plastic film bag placed eggs will lead to direct sucked into the inside of the plastic film bag some poisonous and harmful substances, but also hinder the eggs of breathing. It is easy to use plastic thin film bags to pack eggs, which can cause the eggs to fall to the ground and throw them away after they have been put on a plastic film bag. But different mesh bag, mesh bag has good ventilation, beautiful, easy to carry and packaged to the characteristics of the secondary recycling became a bag of choice for all eggs, deeply the general consumer favorite.

How to identify the quality of vegetable mesh bags

Mesh bag use frequency is very widely in our life, whether it can be used to blossom fruit, eggs, toys, today we'll learn how to identify the quality of the vegetable mesh bag.

In the detection of the time to be placed in the natural light and offline visual inspection, the width of the hem is measured by a steel ruler of 0.1cm, the requirements of the inspection are very strict. It is important to note that in the same batch of vegetable mesh bags to see its color difference size, generally there is no obvious color difference. And there is no obvious stain on the Internet. Also look at the bag side of the bag, the quality of the bag should be flat, and there is no obvious dislocation.

The quality of the vegetable mesh bag quality is these, hope these introduction can bring help to everybody, can buy quality when choosing net bag.

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