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Mesh Bag Good Ventilation
- Oct 11, 2017 -

Vegetable net bag storage problems generally appear in the production plant, Mesh Bag because the daily production is relatively large, the product will not immediately sent out, so there will be a period of time in the warehouse storage, then in order to ensure product quality, Mesh Bag When preserving the vegetable mesh belt, note the following:

1. Storage environment can not be wet, the product placed in a dry and ventilated place, Mesh Bag which is to prevent the product moldy and other issues.

2. To prevent the breeding of mosquitoes, vegetable bags products in the storage of time to pay attention to another problem is the mosquitoes, to regularly spray in the warehouse some disinfectant, or insect repellent.

3. In the hot summer products do not directly exposed to the sun, Mesh Bag it is best placed in the shade.

4. Product area to be identified, such as the prohibition of fireworks, etc., for different specifications of the product to be placed separately.

The main products are net bags, mesh bags, vegetable net bags, Mesh Bag fruit net bags, nursery net bags, aquatic net bags, food bags. Production of products, intuitive strong, colorful, durable, and its permeability is good, so that after the packaging of fruits and vegetables is not easy to rot, Mesh Bag not easy to deformation.

 Production of vegetable bags have a strict request, first of all, the appearance of the requirements of no obvious stains, bright colors. Second, Mesh Bag the suture part of the net bag is not allowed to pin off, broken, not seam the fold phenomenon. Moreover, Mesh Bag the net bag can not appear broken wire to less than three cases. Finally, the requirements of the net bag trimming does not allow the phenomenon of scattered mountains.

 Vegetable net bag is a vegetable farmer harvesting vegetables more commonly used as a tool, the harvest season of vegetables, need to use a lot of vegetables net bag, then where can wholesale to the vegetable net bag? Mesh Bag so that after the packaging of fruits and vegetables is not easy to rot, not easily deformed.

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