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Mesh Bag Gloss Of The Surface
- Oct 17, 2017 -

What is the gloss on the surface of the bag? NET bag in our daily life has been very common application, so we on the mesh bag quality and appearance of the requirements are constantly increasing, Mesh Bag such as the surface of the mesh bag gloss, how to improve it? Below let the bag manufacturers to introduce you!

In order to improve the gloss of mesh bag, it must be improved to improve the brightness, but also to eliminate light modification. In addition to the selection of raw materials, we also need to add brightening method, Mesh Bag blending method, Shape control brightening method, forming equipment finish control, two times processing brightening method and surface coating method, especially the use of additives.

The main factors that affect the suture strength are the type and model of suture, the size of needle distance, the line trace, the size of hem or hem suture to the edge of the bag, and the hot and cold cutting way. The enterprise shall establish the internal control index of these factors. For the laminating cold cutting bag, it is recommended to use the winding edge treatment, because the cold cutting edge of the suture may be removed from the filament with the weft. For the strength-free woven bag with a one-week seam, the needle distance can be dense, Mesh Bag line can be fine.

For set bags, the national standards stipulate that the tensile strength of the main joints must reach more than 67% of the basic strength, and the tensile strength of the bottom joint must reach 42% of the basic strength. above. For the sealing of the socket cement bag, it is suggested that the bottom strength of the same seam should be treated, and the strength of the bottom seam of the paper bag is generally not up to the index, Mesh Bag so it is suggested that it be changed to a paste bottom bag.

Bag is made of PE material (polyethylene) by extruding machine, PE has odorless, non-toxic, feel-like wax, with excellent low-temperature resistance (the lowest use temperature can reach -70~-100℃) compared to the North cold environment, good chemical stability, most of the acid and alkali erosion, at room temperature insoluble in the general solvent , electrical insulation performance is good. Is the egg, fruit, garlic very good packaging products.

Vegetable bag Low carbon environmental protection is its biggest advantage, our life is more and more inseparable from the use of environmentally-friendly plastic, Mesh Bag the application of vegetable bag for the vast number of agricultural households brought a very large convenience, while in the transport also played a very important effect.

Vegetable bag is widely used at present, and the main raw material of vegetable bag is polyethylene, and the main requirement of bag in structure is his tensile ability, as well as the ability of resisting hanging. For the current mesh bag, the tensile capacity and the ability to resist hanging are good. Mesh Bag Second bag mainly used in the process is the plastic flat wire technology, flat wire is a mixture of raw materials and accessories, from the extruder to melt it into thin film, the membrane after cooling, and then we then stretch to create a flat wire, and finally the flat wire winding on the tube, made of the spindle to send the weaving process to produce weaving process engineering.

The amount of plastic used is large, Mesh Bag if not properly controlled, then the environmental pollution will be very large. So many enterprises began to develop energy-saving green low-carbon plastic. In lighting, medical, construction and other emerging applications, Mesh Bag plastic applications are also increasing, will gradually replace metal, cement, wood and other energy-saving to achieve. Plastic industry must be towards energy conservation and environmental protection direction!

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