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Mesh Bag Features
- Sep 19, 2017 -

Net bag in the narrow sense refers to the vegetable net bags, flat wire bags, as long as there are holes in the pocket are net bags.

Large net bag refers to the size of the large bags such as "round wire window net bag, flat wire bag"

Net bag materials are generally polyethylene or polypropylene and other plastics. Materials are also divided into many kinds, there are renewable particles, the new material, there are two mixed materials.

The net bag is generally used for the purpose of the goods, but also useful shade window bag filter restaurant swill, and there are net bags to live with the fruits and seedlings are grown, flat wire bag can cover the sand, earth.

Net bag origin of the country's largest net bag is undoubtedly Hebei, the annual output accounted for 1/2 of the country.

Net bag specific use

In the south of China has been breeding bullfrogs, turtle tradition, because the water content of aquatic products with a good pouch with good permeability of transport, so there is a turtle net bags of the occasion and students.

2. Since the North China often eat beans, soybeans are common, but we have seen how to transport beans, is wrapped through the shawl net bag, and then shipped to our city.

3. Flat mesh bag is our vegetable wholesale market often seen with potatoes, onions, kohlrabi, large radish vegetables

We should not be too strange on the net bag, life can often see, then what is the specific use of what? We take a look.

In the south of China aquaculture industry has been very developed, due to aquatic products, water content, use a good pouch in the permeability of transport, so the network bag came into being. North China often eat beans, soybeans are very common food, they are packaged through the shawl net bag, and then transported to our city. There are flat mesh bags, that is, we often see in the vegetable wholesale market with potatoes, kohlrabi, onions, large radish and other vegetables, net bags.

The use of the net bag is still very wide, so we are in the fishery, or in the transport of vegetables, fruits, have a good use.

We all know that eggs will breathe, if we use plastic film bag eggs will lead to eggs directly into the plastic film bag inside some of the toxic and harmful substances, but also impede the egg breathing. Followed by the use of plastic film bag packaging eggs are easy due to improper placement will lead to eggs fell to the ground broke, there is a plastic film bag after the eggs will be thrown away. But the net bag is different, the net bag with good ventilation, beautiful, easy to carry and can be recycled and the characteristics of the second bag into the bag of the preferred bag, loved by the vast number of consumers.

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