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Mesh Bag Excellent Performance
- Nov 06, 2017 -

Vegetable bag storage problems generally appear in the production plant, Mesh Bag because the daily output is relatively large, the product will not be issued immediately, so there will be a period of time in the warehouse storage, then in order to ensure the quality of products, Mesh Bag the recommended manufacturers in the preservation of vegetable network belt, pay attention to the following points:

1. Storage environment can not be humid, Mesh Bag the product placed in the dry and ventilated place, this is to prevent the product mildew and other problems.

2. To prevent the breeding of mosquitoes, vegetable bag products in storage time to pay attention to another problem is mosquitoes, to regularly spray in the warehouse some disinfectant, or insect repellent.

3. In hot summer products do not direct exposure to the sun, Mesh Bag it is best placed in a cool place.

4. Products to prevent the area should have a logo, such as strictly prohibited fireworks, for different specifications of the product to be placed separately.

Mesh bag, mesh bags, vegetable mesh, fruit bag, nursery bag, aquatic bag, food bag. Production of products, intuitive, colorful, durable and strong, and its permeability is good, Mesh Bag so that after the packaging of vegetables and fruits are not easy to rot, deformation.

The materials used are safe, non-toxic, excellent performance products, ability to erode most of the acid-base. The main requirement of onion bag in structure is tensile ability and anti hanging ability. For the current mesh bag, the tensile capacity and the ability to resist hanging are all right, in addition, it is mainly used in the process of plastic flat wire is a flat wire is a mixture of raw materials and accessories, from the extruder to melt it into thin film, the film after cooling, and then I was stretched to the orientation of the flat wire, Finally, the flat wire winding on the tube, made of the spindle to send a weaving process to produce weaving process engineering.

1. Good quality and strong bearing capacity;

2. As far as possible to enable customers to see the packaging within the freshness of the vegetables or fresh degree.

3. Intuitive, bright color, strong durability.

4. The vegetable bag has good air permeability,Mesh Bag so that the internal and external gas exchange, reduce vegetable rot.

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