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Mesh Bag Corresponding Protection
- Jul 24, 2017 -

In our daily work in the laundry, Mesh Bag not only the clothes on the stains washed away, but also in the process of washing clothes on the fabric of the corresponding protection, only so that we washed the clothes in order to achieve clean and beautiful purpose.

First of all, we first come to understand what we have been saying "delicate" fabric, "delicate" fabric refers to those thin and soft, easy to fade, can not afford too much mechanical power, after a special weaving fabric.

In order to minimize this kind of fabric and other clothing, or friction between the drum, we have to "delicate" fabric outside the clothing plus a layer of protective measures, this layer of protection measures is our theme today - - net bag.

We all know that the net bag is a commonly used washing aids, Mesh Bag with the net bag we can reduce the washing process of the mechanical role of clothing, reduce friction, reduce the damage to the fabric and prevent clothing deformation. The type and use of the method.

First of all, we have learned the advantages of the net bag and the purpose of using the net bag, and now we focus on what type of clothing in the washing need to use the net bag.Generally speaking, "Mesh Bag delicate" fabric clothing in the washing prone to problems , Such as scarves, ties, silk clothing, cashmere (wool) shirt, etc., in addition to some clothing with a special ornament, and these decorations are easy to damage and should not be removed, in the washing also use the net bag, Is to reduce the mechanical force, to protect the decorations from damage.

According to its use of materials can be divided into nylon, polyester and cotton and other three, Mesh Bag according to its size and shape can be divided into long and narrow, standard and large, we can choose according to different clothing different bags. In general, the narrow type of net bags for small size, light and soft and vulnerable clothing, such as ties, scarves, scarves, etc .; silk clothing, cashmere (wool) shirt and other clothing can use standard mesh bag; Larger clothing requires the use of special large-scale net bags, Mesh Bag such as jackets with special ornaments, coats and so on. The use of net bags can be based on the specific circumstances of clothing in the net bag to leave the appropriate telescopic space, so that the washing solvent and clothing can be fully contacted to improve the degree of washing, if the bundle too tight, not only the degree of washing will be affected, and It is not easy to dry. But here is particularly to mention the tie, because the tie fabric and the lining is not stitched, easily deformed, so the time should be tighten the net bag mouth, but also to the Department of the lower, so that the tie in the net bag can not Free to move, Mesh Bag to avoid the washing process in the fabric and the shirt shift deformation, but also can reduce friction, protect the fabric from damage. In addition, the use of net bags when the mouth to tie, Mesh Bag to prevent clothing in the washing process "escape", Mesh Bag resulting in direct damage to the damage. Mesh Bag As for the bag, mainly in the washing silk clothes and some silk products. Should be used in the middle of the bag tightened, Mesh Bag do not leave too much space for the clothes.

The advantages of using the net bag is obvious, Mesh Bag in the actual application process, the rational use of net bags, can effectively improve the washing quality, and can play a very good protective effect. Here the protection, not only refers to the fabric of the fabric, Mesh Bag and sometimes can also play to suppress clothing and clothing between the string color problem. 

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