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Instantly Change Rainwear Waterproof Backpack
- Jan 14, 2017 -

Even with the weather forecast, we are also unpredictable and changeable weather, take a raincoat or an umbrella, was in trouble again, what should I do? You can try the Funnel Eject waterproof backpack.

Funnel Eject looks no different from ordinary backpack, the mystery of it is inside a waterproof coat. Once you find that it's not going to rain, just grab a backpack two lines at the top of a pull up, waterproof jackets will instantly appear. Can cover backpack, also comes with Hat and not be wet hair.

Not only the coat, the whole package is made of waterproof material, it does not worry about being wet. Structured, laptops and other gadgets can fit into, which is very convenient. Drainage holes in the bag set, even if the rain stopped back waterproof jackets will not accumulate rain water.

The only drawback is that this coat is covered with a backpack outside the package that look from afar like a hunchback, but not wet, is King, do not care about these details.

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