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Inflatable Sofa Match Skill
- Jan 14, 2017 -

Inflatable sofa color choice: many of the wall and the floor is of white, in this case you can choose a light color to match. However if you choose a light color for a long time and does not stain-resistant. So it can be considered neutral colors, such as gray, Brown, Maroon, and so on. Of course, you can also choose fruit color in recent years are popular fruit color, such as pink, green, Orange, yellow is a good choice.

Inflatable sofa size choices. According to family size and individual needs to choose a single inflatable sofa, inflatable sofa for two and three-person inflatable sofa. If it is a small apartment recommended for bedroom use as the inflatable sofas or inflatable double sofa, three-person inflatable sofas can be used in the living room.

Inflatable sofa maintenance: If you want to inflatable inflatable is 80% can, for inflatable sofa, inflatable burst is caused by excessive beyond repair, addition can add some gas in the winter, summer may be appropriate to reduce some of the gas to keep its best form. Cushion when to punch cushion sides so that it slowly, not sudden, violent pressure.

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