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Inflatable Sofa Bed What Is Good
- Aug 22, 2017 -

The sofa is well known in the ears of the people, and the market has a variety of sofas. The new multi-functional inflatable sofa bed, can do inflatable sofa, single bed, double bed, suitable for outdoor travel. Inflatable sofa bed, feel good with it, very convenient. Recently there is a kind of inflatable sofa bed on the market is selling hot, inflatable sofa bed in the world more than 80 countries have sales, what is inflatable sofa bed? Here we say how good inflatable sofa bed.

Flocking inflatable sofa bed

Flocking inflatable sofa bed general women in pregnancy like to buy, because we all feel that the flocking inflatable sofa bed around the use of electronic adhesion, there will be no radiation. Tell you that your idea is wrong, flocking inflatable sofa bed as radiation, and long sleep in the inflatable sofa bed will be bad for the fetus.

Electric inflatable sofa bed

Electric inflatable sofa bed is the convenience of their own do not want to use the time, you can put the gas put away the bed. The drawback is to keep the inside to send gas, which is electric, so the noise is relatively large.

Manual inflatable sofa bed

Manual inflatable sofa bed As the name suggests is the need to manually operate, it is troublesome, but do not need electricity, outdoor can be used Disadvantages: inflatable time is about 10 minutes longer. This manual inflatable sofa bed is not recommended inflatable sofa bed drawbacks can not be demolished, you can clean, no suede at the bottom and side, can only be wet with soapy cloth can easily wipe clean, I hope everyone at the time of purchase A lot of attention.

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