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Inflatable Sofa Bed The Fun Of Life
- Jun 16, 2017 -

Lazy, not negative lazy, not procrastinating, inefficient, Inflatable Sofa Bed lazy, but proactive in enjoying the fun of modern life, advocating a happy, relaxed and comfortable high quality lifestyle, the pursuit of fresh, simple, simple, natural Taste, "lazy" is now and the future of the city home life of a major trend.

Lazy inflatable convenient sofa bed, it is you open your 'lazy' life key, with it, your life will be completely different.

1, inflatable goods inflatable capacity of 8 can be, caused by excessive burst of blasting can not be repaired, please fill some of the winter gas, please put some gas in the summer to maintain its best condition. Put the cushion when the fist to cushion the four sides, so that it slowly into, do not suddenly, violent weight.

2, do not stand on the sofa, or sitting on the armrest, backrest. Inflatable Sofa Bed Do not let your sofa near the high temperature or sun exposure in the sun. Do not let your little pet claws or climb up the couch. Please be careful to avoid the tool to hook out (children's toys, rings, clothing, etc.). Do not wet the stuffing, if not accidentally, with a fan or hair dryer quickly (low temperature) dry.

3, the sofa pad to regular drying, to prevent moisture or mildew.

1, comfortable and convenient. Must be the correct scale, reasonable structure and excellent materials, the shape must meet the different human functions based on, in order to produce a comfortable feeling, all with the activities of the human body related to the seats, desk, bed, dinette and so on and storage furniture Should be consistent with the use of the human body scale, help to save energy, relax emotions, Inflatable Sofa Bed eliminate fatigue, improve health. At the same time must focus on modeling and color and other visual factors to meet the psychological comfort.

2, flexible and space saving. Flexibility refers to the use of various changes in the use of furniture, such as the use of dual-use sofa and furniture, etc., so that not only can reduce the number of furniture, but also can save living space, in addition, you can also use folding, Sofa, Inflatable Sofa Bed make full use of vertical space, reduce the area occupied by the plane, so as to save the plane, make full use of the purpose of space.

3, durable and easy to maintain. Durability includes two meanings, one refers to the long-term use value, the second refers to the appearance of the form, whether the color gloss for a considerable period of time will not be eliminated.

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