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Inflatable Sofa Bed Small Size
- Oct 11, 2017 -

Inflatable sofa exhaust pockets. It can be based on the pressure of different parts of the body to actively adjust the support force, feel considerate care. Inflatable sofa can give you the most healthy sleep experience, Inflatable Sofa Bed inflatable sofa adjustable soft and hard degree fully in line with ISPA international bedding organization standards.

Inflatable sofa easy to carry, get rid of the traditional furniture of the cumbersome, indoor and outdoor can be placed free. Inflatable sofa deflated after the small size, Inflatable Sofa Bed collection is very convenient to carry, both trendy and comfortable.

Inflatable sofa design unique, colorful, crystal clear, strange shape, unique shape lazy inflatable sofa widely welcomed by the trendy family.

The inflatable sofa also has a well-designed internal advection tank. Lazy inflatable sofa designed the inner layer of fabric and gas between the advection ventilated breathable system, Inflatable Sofa Bed not only completely maintain the appearance of the cushion shape and support capacity, but also to abandon the traditional cushion breathability or upper and lower ventilation caused by wet, hot problem , Play a very good health control effect.

First, check the product leaks. If you encounter the product did not put the gas after a long time on the flat, first check the safety valve is not covered, if covered, Inflatable Sofa Bed then sure that there is leakage of this product phenomenon. You can also use a high concentration of washing water or detergent Ling painted directly on the surface of the sofa, which bubble is what leak.

We simply referred to as the slow breathing gas, this situation is generally in addition to the detection of gas valve to determine the tight, we must use water test method, according to product size, choose water containers, the first product gas rushed, and then into the water filled Of the containers and found that there are small bubbles emerge, that is, there are trachoma, the product out to dry water, Inflatable Sofa Bed sand drops on the drop of glue, do not immediately inflated, placed 2-3 hours later. Glue is a small branch of 3g decoration patch 7cm diameter. After finding the hole, remove the glue and poke out a hole. Then, remove the patch, the same is evenly put on glue, and then aligned loopholes close. Finally, put it in ventilation for 2 to 3 hours after the repair is successful and can be inflated again.

We simply referred to as leaked, is certainly a product on the big loopholes, usually only need to hand on the product feel very angry out, usually such a large hole with glue and then repair the patch to complete the repair. In detail, is the first in the leak around the evenly coated with a layer of glue, Inflatable Sofa Bed then paste the patch, gently press the hand can be. Repair, do not immediately inflated, to place 2-3 hours and other glue to the PVC molecules welded together, so you're done.

1, durable and easy to maintain. Durability includes two meanings, one refers to the long-term use value, the second is the appearance of the form, the color gloss can be in a considerable period of time will not be eliminated.

2, flexible and space saving. Inflatable Sofa Bed Flexibility refers to the use of various changes in the use of furniture, such as sitting and sleeping sofa and combination of furniture, so that not only can reduce the number of furniture, but also can save living space, in addition, you can also use folding, Sofa, make full use of vertical space, reduce the area occupied by the plane, so as to save the plane, make full use of the purpose of space.

3, comfortable and convenient. Must be the correct scale, Inflatable Sofa Bed reasonable structure and excellent material, its shape must meet the different human functions based on, in order to produce a comfortable feeling, all with the activities of the human body related to the seats, desks, bed, dinette and so on and storage furniture Should be consistent with the use of the human scale, Inflatable Sofa Bed help to save energy, relax emotions, eliminate fatigue, improve health. At the same time must focus on modeling and color and other visual factors to meet the psychological comfort.

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