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Inflatable Sofa Bed Service Life
- Oct 26, 2017 -

In the spring of spring, travel is not everyone's common choice? Buy inflatable travel sofa bed, make your spring trip, more enjoyable. When you enjoy the scenery at the same time can see others hammer arm hammer legs, blowing soil to find a place to sit.

 Inflatable sofa inflatable bed and other inflatable home more and more people by the pro-gaze, Inflatable Sofa Bed these home and other types of home is not the same, clean and maintain the way is not the same, let's look at how to clean these inflatable home And maintenance, to extend their service life.

, Do not stand on the couch, or sit on the armrest, backrest. Inflatable Sofa Bed Do not let your sofa near the high temperature or burst in the sun. Do not let your little pet claws or climb the sofa. Please be careful to avoid the sharp hook (children's toys, rings, clothing, etc.). Do not wet the stuffing, Inflatable Sofa Bed if not accidentally, with a fan or hair dryer quickly (low temperature) dry.

2, inflatable to moderate. Inflatable too full and too little, are not conducive to inflatable bed, inflatable sofa maintenance and use. As the body sitting in the inflatable bed, Inflatable Sofa Bed inflatable sofa will produce pressure, the pressure will increase the pressure on the material and momentum, which is not conducive to extend the use of inflatable bed time limit; inflated too little, Inflatable Sofa Bed the use of the effect is not good. The degree of fit can be felt by the appropriate degree. The new first inflated (or in the hot summer when the inflatable) just to be the surface of the sofa surface can disappear; generally feel feels a little soft by hand, but sit up or lying on the middle can not be trapped The. If you do not feel enough to add a little bit of gas. Inflatable supplies after the normal use, will be the same as the natural tires "leak", need to regularly add a little gas, about ten days or so qi time. Remember inflatable bed inflated (usually 90% full left and right). Inflatable Sofa Bed Too bed is easy to damage, too soft people sleep on the body is not good! Inflatable goods inflatable capacity of 8 can be, caused by excessive burst of blasting can not be repaired, please fill some of the winter gas, please put some gas in the summer to maintain its best condition. Inflatable Sofa Bed Put the cushion when the fist to cushion the four sides, so that it slowly into, do not suddenly, violent weight.

3, the sofa pad to regular drying, to prevent moisture or mildew.

4, regularly with a soft brush or vacuum cleaner to clean the fabric. Inflatable Sofa Bed This will extend its service life and make it easier to clean and maintain.

5, to prevent sharp contact and collision. Use the time to pay attention to clean up the ground debris (sharp objects, small stones and the like), it is best to shop a layer of things, such as carpets, Inflatable Sofa Bed cartons and the like. Before going to bed, it is best to cover a bed or sheets.

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