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Inflatable Sofa Bed Meet Different Human Body
- Jun 02, 2017 -

1, inflatable goods inflatable 80% can, inflated excess caused by the burst is not repaired, winter please fill some gas, summer please put some gas to maintain its best state. When the cushion is put on, Inflatable Sofa Bed the four sides of the cushion must be pressed, so that it slowly goes in, not suddenly, violently.

2, do not stand on the couch, or sit on the armrest, Inflatable Sofa Bed back. Do not let your couch near the heat or shine in the sun. Don't let your little pet claw or climb the couch. Please be careful to avoid a sharp tool to hook the thread out (children's toys, rings, clothing, etc.). Do not wet the stuffing, if not carefully, with a fan or hair dryer quickly (low-temperature) blow dry.

3, the sofa mat should be dried regularly in order to prevent dampness or mildew.

The choice should follow the owner's hobby of the decorative style consistent with the principle of attention to comfort, convenience, flexibility and can save space, Inflatable Sofa Bed durable and easy to maintain the use of conditions.

1. Comfort and convenience. Must be at the right scale, reasonable structure and excellent materials, its modelling must conform to the different human body function as the foundation, can produce the comfortable feeling, all with the human body activity related seat, the desk, the bed, Inflatable Sofa Bed the table chair and so on and the storage furniture all should conform to the human body's use yardstick, will help to save the physical strength, the relaxation mood, eliminates the At the same time must pay attention to the shape and color and other visual factors to meet psychological comfort.

2, flexible and space-saving. Flexibility means that furniture has a variety of uses, such as sitting on a couch and a combination of furniture, Inflatable Sofa Bed this can not only reduce the number of furniture, and can save living space, in addition, can also be used folding, stacking or sets of forms such as sofas, full use of vertical space, reduce the footprint of the plane spread, so as to save the plane, the full use of space.

3, durable and easy to maintain. Durability includes two aspects of meaning, one refers to long-term use value, the second refers to the appearance of the form, Inflatable Sofa Bed color luster can not be eliminated for quite some time.

1. Color selection. If the wall and the ground are white system suggestions also choose light color comparison. However, if you choose a light color for a long time, you are not resistant to dirt. So you can consider some neutral colors, such as gray, Brown, jujube red and so on.

can also choose fruit color, Inflatable Sofa Bed this year seems very popular fruit color, such as pink, green, and orange, yellow is also a good choice.

2, the size of the choice. According to the size of huxing and individual needs to choose a single inflatable sofa, double inflatable sofa and three people inflatable sofa. If the small huxing recommended in the bedroom as inflatable sofa or double inflatable sofa, three-person inflatable sofa can be used in the living room.

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