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Inflatable Sofa Bed Cleaning And Maintenance
- Nov 06, 2017 -

Inflatable sofa Inflatable Bed, such as inflatable home more and more by the broad masses of pro-gaze, these homes and other types of home is not the same, cleaning and maintenance of the way is not the same, Inflatable Sofa Bed let's see how to these inflatable home cleaning and maintenance, prolong their service life

Use a soft brush head or vacuum cleaner to clean the fabric regularly. In this way, it can prolong its service life and make it easier to clean and maintain. Inflatable Sofa Bed Do not wipe the dirty place hard, lest the stain be enlarged.

1, ink Stains: With warm glycerin wetting, leave 10 minutes, and then use liquid detergent treatment, and light brush, with wet water rinse quickly dry.

2, Shoeshine: first with liquid paraffin treatment, and then sponge and dry cleaning agent cleaning.

3, Milk Stains: Clean soft cloth dry, clean water micro-wipe, Inflatable Sofa Bed in the detergent solution to add a small amount of glycerin, after the dry, after a few minutes after the dry cleaning agent clean suction dry, finally with a soft cloth dipped in a little alcohol wipe.

4, grease (including oil): with dry cleaning agent repeatedly light liquid detergent oily place: if there is still a stain on the use of micro-wetting liquid detergent and water mixture treatment, Inflatable Sofa Bed do not forget to use a clean cloth, and finally with water wetting cloth cleaning.

1, do not stand on the sofa, or sit on the armrest, back. Don't let your couch near the heat or shine in the sun. Don't let your little pet claw or climb the couch. Please be careful to avoid a sharp tool to hook the thread out (children's toys, rings, clothing, etc.). Do not wet the stuffing, if not carefully, Inflatable Sofa Bed with a fan or hair dryer quickly (low-temperature) blow dry.

2, inflatable to moderate. Inflated too full and too little, are not conducive to inflatable bed, inflatable sofa maintenance and use. Because the human body sits in the inflatable bed, the inflatable sofa will produce the pressure, the pressure will increase to the material pressure and the impulse, Inflatable Sofa Bed this is not advantageous to lengthens the inflatable bed the use time limit; inflated too little, the use effect is not good. The appropriate degree of inflation can be hand-feel. The new first inflatable (or in the hot summer when the inflatable) only to the sofa surface of the basic texture to disappear; it feels a little soft to touch it, Inflatable Sofa Bed but sitting up or lying down won't get in the middle. If you don't feel enough, you can get a little bit more gas. Inflatable supplies after normal use, will be the same as the tire natural "gas leakage", need to regularly fill a little air, about 10 days or so to fill the gas. Remember inflatable bed inflatable (generally 90% full or so). Inflatable Sofa Bed Too full bed is easy to damage, too soft people sleep on the top of the body is not good! Inflatable products Inflatable 80% can, inflated excess caused by the burst is not repaired, winter please fill some gas, Inflatable Sofa Bed summer please put some gas to maintain its best state. When the cushion is put on, the four sides of the cushion should be pressed, so that it slowly goes in, not suddenly and violently.

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