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Inflatable Sofa Bed Cleaning And Maintenance
- Oct 25, 2017 -

Inflatable sofa is generally a common inflatable product PVC as raw material, through the pressure, so that the gas into the sofa. It also got rid of the traditional furniture of the cumbersome, indoor and outdoor can be placed free. Now a lot of people choose to buy inflatable sofa to decorate their own home, then, inflatable sofa easy to use? We from the advantages and disadvantages of inflatable sofa and cleaning and maintenance aspects to analyze.

First, the inflatable sofa easy to use the advantages of inflatable sofa:

① inflatable sofa easy to carry, get rid of the traditional furniture, heavy, indoor and outdoor can be placed free. Inflatable sofa deflated after the small size, collection is very convenient to carry, both trendy and comfortable.

② inflatable sofa design unique, colorful, crystal clear, strange shape, unique shape lazy inflatable sofa widely welcomed by the trendy family.

③ inflatable sofa exhaust ball three-dimensional liner. It can be based on the pressure of different parts of the body to actively adjust the support force, feel considerate care. Inflatable sofa can give you the most healthy sleep experience, inflatable sofa adjustable soft and hard degree fully in line with ISPA international bedding organization standards.

④ inflatable sofa there are well-designed internal advection ventilation tank. Lazy inflatable sofa designed the inner layer of fabric and gas between the advection ventilated breathable system, not only completely maintain the appearance of the cushion shape and support capacity, but also to abandon the traditional cushion breathability or upper and lower ventilation caused by wet, hot problem , Play a very good health control effect

Second, the inflatable sofa easy to use inflatable sofa shortcomings:

① because the inflatable sofa is too soft no sense of support, so a long time sitting, will make people feel tired;

② easy to use for a long time deformation;

③ in the living room as a major furniture use, it is not high style, not enough atmosphere.

Third, inflatable sofa easy to use inflatable sofa maintenance

1, inflatable goods inflatable capacity of 8 can be, caused by excessive burst of the burst can not be repaired, please fill some of the winter gas, please put some gas in the summer to maintain its best condition. Put the cushion when the fist to cushion the four sides, so that it slowly into, do not suddenly, violent weight.

2, do not stand on the sofa, or sitting on the armrest, back on the back. Do not let your sofa near the high temperature or burst in the sun. Do not let your little pet claws or climb the sofa. Please be careful to avoid the sharp hook (children's toys, rings, clothing, etc.). Do not wet the stuffing, if not accidentally, with a fan or hair dryer quickly (low temperature) dry.

3, the sofa pad to regular drying, to prevent moisture or mildew.

4, inflatable sofa easy to use the inflatable sofa clean

Regularly clean the fabric with a soft brush or vacuum cleaner. This will extend its service life and make it easier to clean and maintain. Do not wipe the dirty place, so as not to enlarge the stains.

1, oil (including head oil)

Use dry lotion to dry light liquid detergent: If there is still stains Apply a slightly moist liquid detergent and water mixture, do not forget to always use a clean cloth, and finally clean with a cloth moistened with water.

2, ink stains

Wet with warm glycerin, stay 10 minutes, and then liquid detergent treatment, and light brush, rinse with wet water quickly dry.

3, milk stains

Dry with a clean soft cloth, water micro-swab, add a small amount of glycerol in the detergent solution, after treatment, dry, after a few minutes and then dry cleaning with dry cleaning, and finally wipe with a soft cloth dipped in a little alcohol.

3, ice cream

Cold water and liquid detergent mixed with a dry cloth to dry.

4, shoe polish

First with liquid paraffin treatment, and then sponge and dry cleaning agent.

5, urine stains

In the urine stains before the timely treatment, or urine stains will affect the fabric dyeing, resulting in permanent leg color. First with white vinegar and water solution wipe dry, and then liquid detergent and cold water mixture solution, dry with a dry cloth, and finally with water over the net.

6, blood stains

Pour a teaspoon of ammonia into a cup of cold water, carefully wipe the blood stains, dry with a clean towel, and repeat the process until the stains are removed. And then wet with cold water, and then dry, and so on 15 minutes again with white vinegar wetting, dry with a dry towel.

7, coffee and tea stains

Sponge and warm water wipe, and then wet with warm glycerin. After 30 minutes, rinse with water and quickly dry.

8, fruit juice

Wipe with cold water. If there is still smear, add liquid detergent and a drop of water in vinegar, with the solution light wipe, dry, until no trace.

Inflatable sofa easy to use it? This is a contradictory problem, the same thing, some people think it is good, some people think it is not good. So, here for everyone finishing the advantages and disadvantages of inflatable sofa and its cleaning and maintenance, we hope to help, personally think that the inflatable sofa is also very good

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