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Inflatable Sofa Bed Classification
- Oct 17, 2017 -

Aerated sofa is usually used as raw material for the generic inflatable product PVC, and through pressure, gas enters the sofa. It also unwieldy traditional furniture, indoor and outdoor optional place. The volume is small after air release, the collection is convenient, stylish and comfortable. Nowadays, the colourful, glittering and translucent get rid of, the form strange, chic inflatable sofa is popular with the new and fashionable gens.

Classification of sofa

The number of seats is divided into: single, double and three-person inflatable sofa

1. One-man inflatable sofa: an inflatable sofa that provides a seat for a person.

2. Double air sofa: it is an inflatable sofa that provides seats for two people.

3, three-person inflatable sofa: it is to point to the inflatable sofa that gives a seat to three people.

Knowledge of choose and buy

The choice should follow the principle that the adornment style of owner hobby is consistent and consistent, pay attention to comfortable, convenient, agile and can save space, durable and easy to maintain use condition.

1. Comfortable and convenient. Must be in the right scale, reasonable structure and excellent material, its modelling must comply with the different human body function as the foundation, to create a comfortable feeling, all related to human activities of chair, desk, bed, mensal chair and storage furniture should be consistent with the use of the human body scale, helps to conserve energy, relaxed mood, eliminate fatigue, improve their health. At the same time must pay attention to the visual element such as modelling and colour, to satisfy psychological comfort.

2. Be flexible and save space. Flexibility refers to the home has a variety of purposes, such as sit lie amphibious sofa and combination of furniture, such not only can reduce the number of furniture, but also save the living space, in addition, you can also use the form such as folding, accumulation or set of sofa, make full use of vertical space, reduce the plane of the occupied area, so as to achieve the purpose of saving plan, make full use of space.

3. Durable and easy to maintain. Durability includes two aspects, one is the long-term use value, the other is the appearance, the color luster can not be eliminated for quite a while.

Collocation method

1. Color selection. If the wall and the ground are white, the suggestion also chooses the lighter color to match. But if you choose the light color in the long term, it will not be dirty. So consider some neutralizing colors, such as grey, coffee, date red, etc.

Also can choose fruit color, this year appears very popular fruit color, like peach, fresh green, and orange, yellow is also good choice.

2. Size selection. Can according to the size of the family and individual needs to choose individual inflatable sofa, double air sofa and three-person inflatable sofa. If it is small family proposal to use in the bedroom to act as inflatable sofa or double inflatable sofa, three-person inflatable sofa can be used in the sitting room.

Maintenance method

1. Inflatable goods can be filled up to 80 percent. The burst caused by overcharging can not be repaired. Please make up some gas in winter and put some gas in the summer to keep it at its best. When the cushion is put on, should use the fist to press the 4 side, make it slowly enter, do not suddenly, the heavy pressure.

Don't stand on the couch or sit on the armrest and back. Don't let your sofa get close to the heat or the sun. Don't let your little pet scratch or crawl on the couch. Please be careful not to hook the thread (children's toys, rings, clothing, etc.). Don't wet the stuffing. If it happens, blow dry with a fan or a hair dryer.

3. Sofa cushion should be aired regularly in case of damp or mildew.

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