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Inflatable Sofa Bed Buy Knowledge And Maintenance Methods
- Sep 04, 2017 -

Inflatable sofa bed is generally a common inflatable product PVC as raw material, through the pressure, so that the gas into the sofa. It is also out of the traditional furniture of the cumbersome, indoor and outdoor can be placed free. After the volume of small air, collection is very convenient to carry, both trendy and comfortable. Today, colorful, crystal clear, strange shape, modeling unique inflatable sofa widely welcomed by the trendy family.

Buy knowledge

The choice should follow the owners of the decorative style of the principle of harmony, pay attention to comfort, convenience, flexibility and can save space, durable and easy to maintain and other conditions of use.

1, comfortable and convenient. Must be on the right scale, reasonable structure and excellent material, its shape must meet the different human function based on, in order to produce a comfortable feeling, all related to human activities related to the seats, desks, beds, dinette and so on and storage furniture Should be consistent with the use of the human scale, help to save energy, relax emotions, eliminate fatigue, improve health. At the same time must focus on modeling and color and other visual factors to meet the psychological comfort.

2, flexible and space saving. Flexibility refers to the use of a variety of home appliances, such as the use of dual-use sofa and furniture, etc., which can not only reduce the number of furniture, but also can save the living space, in addition, you can also use folding, Sofa, make full use of vertical space, reduce the area occupied by the plane, so as to save the plane, make full use of the purpose of space.

3, durable and easy to maintain. Durability includes two meanings, one refers to the long-term use value, the second refers to the appearance of the form, the color gloss can be in a considerable period of time not to be eliminated.

Collocation method

1, the choice of color. If the wall and the ground are white line of the proposal also choose light with the comparison. But if long-term choice of light-colored and not dirty. So you can consider some of the neutral colors, such as gray, brown, red and so on.

You can also choose fruit color, this year seems very popular fruit color, like pink, bright green, as well as orange, yellow is also a good choice.

2, the size of the choice. Can be based on the size of the apartment and the individual needs to choose single inflatable sofa, double inflatable sofa and three inflatable sofa. If it is recommended for small units in the bedroom as inflatable sofa or double inflatable sofa, three inflatable sofa can be used in the living room.


1, inflatable goods inflatable capacity of 8 can be, inflated over the burst caused by can not be repaired, please fill some of the winter gas, please put some gas in the summer to maintain its best condition. Put the cushion when the fist to cushion the four sides, so that it slowly into, do not suddenly, violent weight.

2, do not stand on the sofa, or sitting on the armrest, back on the back. Do not let your sofa near the high temperature or burst in the sun. Do not let your little pet claws or climb the sofa. Please be careful to avoid the sharp hook (children's toys, rings, clothing, etc.). Do not wet the stuffing, if not accidentally, with a fan or hair dryer quickly (low temperature) dry.

3, the sofa pad to regularly dry, to prevent moisture or mildew.

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