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Good Waterproof Fabric Which
- Jan 14, 2017 -

Judging from the name "waterproof", as the name suggests, is the waterproof bag. But in fact, a true waterproof bags, not just simple waterproof effect.

Just think, when many Alice out to play, not just places like Sanya or island are water, through the mountains and into the trees, overnight in the mountains is the norm; when crossing the mountains, DAWDLE or tree branch scrapes, so in addition to waterproof and abrasion resistance, rub resistance, it is also a very important.

So now waterproof bags in the market, most of the TPU material is used, not only waterproofing effect than ordinary materials, wear-resistant, scratch-resistant protective effect is also very good. A package of the most obvious is the cave packages; expeditions into the hole, if a package does not wear, get broken, and what mood to explore, try how to let loose in the bag away.

So-called waterproof fabric, General will fabric surface by waterproof agent processing, or fabric surface coated plastic, and coated PU, and coated PVC, and coated PA, Hou, makes fabric has waterproof overalls, and waterproof tomato grams shirts, and waterproof tourism clothing, and can for umbrella cloth, and tent cloth, and bags cloth, and bag cloth, and hat cloth, and bath cord, and car sets, and goods cover cloth,, so its sales yearly conversion.

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