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Why are PVC plastic products mobile phone waterproof bags popular?
- Nov 30, 2018 -

Why are PVC plastic products mobile phone waterproof bags popular?

1, for outdoor activities such as swimming, rafting and diving, 100% waterproof within 5-10 meters, can take a phone call or take pictures, and can drift over the water. It can be used for diving enthusiasts, field workers and other drifters.

2, the picture and the camera are basically no difference in shooting outside the bag, 100% completely sealed. Because it is completely sealed, moisture, dust, mud, sand, snow, oil, and can not hurt the camera. It can be operated directly in the protective cover. This product can prevent digital cameras from entering the water when playing on the beach and the sea, and can enter the sand and play as you like.

3, waterproof and dustproof seal design, stable and reliable, made of TPU anti-cold material, regardless of the south, north, desert, mountain stream, pool beach, can provide reliable protection for mobile phones, digital cameras, protect digital cameras from wind, frost , rain, snow, sand, spray, wet hot water vapor, sweat stains, etc., no longer have to worry about the madness of the Songkran Festival, the typhoon rain in Hainan, the mist of the mountains, the wetness of Shanghai Meiyu Qingdao, the drifting waves, the beach spa The people in the pool play, the environment of the desert and the dust and the like, and the good projects of traveling and walking may be harmful to the mobile phone.

4, go to the sauna, drift, swim, etc., no longer have to worry about not having a camera / mobile phone around. Don't worry about the phone being irritated by the rain. Put your camera/mobile phone in the bag, just like you have a protector around you, no worries, no longer feel distressed because the camera/phone is in the water, feel waste.

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