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What should I pay attention to when choosing a waterproof bag?
- Aug 17, 2018 -

For different outdoor activities, it is absolutely necessary to choose a different waterproof bag. Waterproof bags are now more subdivided. Classification, generally divided by capacity or function. Common ones are: mobile phone waterproof bag, 5L12L storage waterproof bag, upstream bag, camera waterproof bag, waterproof pocket, rock climbing backpack (probing waterproof bag), waterproof travel bag, fishing bag, bicycle waterproof side bag, bicycle waterproof saddle Seat bag, bicycle waterproof front bag, bicycle waterproof bag, riding waterproof backpack and so on.

The waterproof bag is an essential equipment for outdoor travel. It can ensure that the item will not get wet when it encounters rainy days. Even if it is going upstream, drifting, surfing, or crossing, some waterproof bags can be used. So, how to choose a waterproof bag, what should you pay attention to when selecting a waterproof bag?

1. The main function of waterproof bag is waterproof

Nowadays, there are some waterproof bags on the market. The performance of the waterproof bag is very poor. If it is slightly wet or heavy, it will wet the contents of the bag. Therefore, when choosing a waterproof bag, you must choose a bag with good waterproof performance. A layer of rain cover can be placed.

2. Anti-scratch function of waterproof bag

When choosing a waterproof bag, be sure to choose a scratch-proof, anti-smashing waterproof bag; when walking outdoors, it is inevitable that you will walk along a wooded place, and the bag will be hung by the weed branches, or you will carry the bag. When the wall and the tree pole are resting, squat. If the quality of the waterproof bag is not good and it is easy to break, then the things you have on the road cannot be preserved.

3. Waterproof bag tear resistance

When choosing a waterproof bag, be sure to choose a ripstop waterproof bag; when traveling outdoors, we will definitely have some tents, cookware, etc., all in the backpack, then if you buy a bag of good quality, load things Half-loaded, too hard torn, or in the process of walking, with the body shaking, the body can not withstand the important tears of the bag, it will not be worth the loss.


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