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What do you need for a complete set of camping basic equipment?
- Oct 23, 2018 -

One: tent

The tent is the main equipment for camping and is essential. If it is a casual player, it is recommended to buy a convenient automatic tent. Of course, if you go to the top of the mountain or other windy places, you can still use the 10.5 mm tent tent with tent poles to better wind resistance.

Two: moisture pad

Aluminum foil damp mats are generally used. For higher comfort, you can use 1 cm pearl cotton. However, the EPE mat is inconvenient to carry.

Three: sleeping bag

If it is a self-driving tour, the camp can be directly driven by car, or you can directly carry the home quilt. If you are buying a sleeping bag, you should pay attention to the fact that the proper temperature of most sleeping bags is false, for example, the comfort temperature is 0-5 degrees. You really use a single sleeping bag at 0 degrees, and you will definitely die alive. Generally, the sleeping bag is marked with a comfortable temperature of 10 to be a suitable use temperature. If the campsite temperature is 20 degrees, you need to buy a sleeping bag with a comfortable temperature suitable for 10--15 degrees.

Four: inflatable cushion

Self-driving tour and camp can be reached directly by car, you can bring an inflatable bed to improve the comfort of the camp. If you need to walk on foot, you can carry an automatic inflatable cushion, as long as it is not in the rock pile, the comfort is good.

This kind of inflatable cushion storage is small in size, light in weight, and has a splicing function. For two people camping, you can buy two.

Five: tent light

You can buy solar tent lights to prevent forgetting to charge or forget about the battery.

Six: ground nail

This must be noted, things that novices can easily ignore. Although each tent has these accessories, the gifted nails are only suitable for general grass. If you encounter mountains or other complicated terrain, you can't nail them. Be sure to purchase (or make your own) long, high-hardness nails. The small series is made of 8mm steel and has a length of 30cm.

Seven: windproof rope

This is also something that is easily overlooked by novices. It is mainly given when you buy a tent, but only four are given and the length is short, so you still need to purchase it yourself. The windproof rope can be used for tents or it can be replaced by a parachute or other rope. The length should be more than four meters to prevent bad weather.

Eight: knife

Knives are an indispensable tool for outdoor activities, but domestic control of the tools is strict, and everyone must take legal tools. Otherwise it will cause trouble.

Nine: hammock

Although the hammock is not a must-have item, it is my favorite leisure way. Find a shade, hang a hammock, lie there, and relax especially when you are swaying.

Ten: stove, tableware

Camping in the wild, you have to eat for yourself, although there are a lot of convenience foods, but it is better than just giving yourself a delicious meal in nature, so the stove is essential. There are a lot of stoves, like the convenience, you can carry a portable butane gas stove, and then buy a set of pots.

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