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What are the benefits of an inflatable bed - the advantages of an inflatable bed
- Feb 14, 2019 -

1. Small footprint and easy to carry. The air bed is as large as the average household sheet, and the weight is very light, and it can be folded and carried into the backpack to carry it. It is a spare for home travel or working. The air mattress is folded as big as a pillow, and it is very easy to carry and store. When it is not in use, it can be folded in the locker. If necessary, it can be used directly and filled with gas. Moreover, the air mattress will not be the same as the spring bed, and there will be no bacteria in the inside, and there will be no deformation of the spring bed.

2, comfortable. Fully airy inflatable bed, it can realize the tight combination of the bed and the human body. The cervical vertebrae, lumbar vertebrae and leg wrists are no longer suspended, which is beneficial to eliminate fatigue as soon as possible. When used, natural and healthy quality sleep will be ready for you. People who have not touched the air mattress generally imagine that the air mattress is soft and soft, just like sleeping on cotton. This is not the case. After the air mattress is full, it is only slightly softer than the spring bed. It is very comfortable to sleep, and it feels like a sleeping spring bed.

3. Wide application range. You can use it when you go out to work, move frequently, camp in the wild, swim or work temporarily, to provide you with the most comfortable rest environment.

4. Environmental protection and health. Another advantage of the inflatable bed is that it does not grow bacteria inside the bed and protects the health of the family.

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