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What are the advantages of mobile phone water barriers?
- Dec 24, 2018 -

Outdoor travel fitness swimming essential mobile phone waterproof bag, no longer have to worry about the phone into the water

High-touch sliding response, smooth and sensitive

Quadruple safety protection to ensure better effective waterproofing

Double-layer insurance, rotating buttons, good sealing

Swimming special mobile phone bag, waterproof, sensitive, high touch.

Inherit the double card slot + safety plate double insurance waterproof clip design, beautiful and strength coexist, I professional waterproof you can rest assured to play with water!

The appearance is very graded, protecting your mobile phone in all directions, and it is more convenient to disassemble.

Simple and stylish design, full of trends. Large-capacity storage, no longer need to worry about packaging is not big enough, both practical and beautiful.

The pockets are shaken and easily lost. It is easy to store large-screen mobile phones. The material is soft and close to the body, stable and not shaking, and the movement effect is good.

Environmentally friendly PVC material, waterproof, audition and perspective, high waterproof, high touch screen, touch-free. More colorful colors, so you can't let go!

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