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What are the advantages of inflatable pillows?
- Feb 14, 2019 -

Physiological studies have shown that human brain cells turn into a state of inhibition after 4-5 hours of excitement. Almost all passengers on the hard and long-distance trains will encounter a common problem - sleep is difficult, there is nothing on the head and neck, sleeping on the back of the seat, easy to slip, long neck pain, extremely uncomfortable U-shaped pillow is an inflatable pillow specially designed for the rest of the car according to the principle of ergonomics. The air-filled sleeve is placed on the neck and rests on the back of the chair to relieve the pressure. It can also sleep on the table to avoid the arm. The eyeballs and facial nerves are compressed and can also be used to lie down and rest.

1. After blowing the gas, the pad is sleeping at the desk, and the arm is not tired and sleeps hard.

2. Set on the neck and sleep on the back of the seat, the neck is not so comfortable to sleep.

3. The fluid in the inflatable pillow can make people in a natural state.

4. Inflatable pillow is convenient and light, suitable for office lunch break, outdoor, home use, easy and convenient.