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Truly waterproof outdoor backpack is there
- Jan 14, 2017 -

Many outdoor backpack brands claim to be waterproof, in fact it really waterproof? they are not sure. What is a true waterproof bag? Maybe a lot of people just think: when it rains, backpacks without water will do, in fact, real waterproof bags can be reached 100% waterproof, throw into the water is no problem. Truly waterproof bags must be made of PVC or TPU material, coupled with seamless bonding technology, waterproof zippers, or air-tight zipper.

Currently there are few real waterproof bags, usually made of nylon, canvas, sewing kits are not really waterproof bags. At the international level, waterproof bags of famous brand is the Sealock, overboard, feelfree, and so on. Among them, Sealock was the leader in waterproof bags, not only in workmanship, and is continually developing new varieties. Like air-tight waterproof zipper zipper is independently developed by Sealock, the best waterproof zippers are waterproof, can dive using this waterproof zipper backpack, you can go snorkeling, you can get to go swimming! This is truly waterproof bag, this will refresh your understanding of the waterproof bag waterproof package.

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