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Sustainable plastics packaging trends
- Jan 14, 2017 -

In recent years, a series of important ideas in the field of environmental protection in China, suggesting that our environment is in a historic change of phase, and that environmental protection has become the will of the party and State, environmental protection is facing a rare opportunity for development. At present, the case of the country in the face of financial crisis, what should our environmental orientation? In fact, this year, the Central Government leaders, including General Secretary, including the Prime Minister, has done a series of instructions, the central idea is that environmental protection work can only strengthen, not relax.

The second, from the perspective of solid waste management to share the management of packaging waste. First is the management of solid waste, we should say us environmental protection is started from waste, beginning with waste water, waste gas, and waste residue, solid waste refers to waste, environmental protection is an integral part of management. Current solid waste management in our country is facing a severe challenge, how about? Everyone thought a waste of three principles of reduction, recycling and harmless, beginning with reduction. But the fact is we can only increase the amount of waste reduction. Here, traditional waste, generally speaking industrial waste, including waste, solid waste, which is a traditional waste. In current China economic development so fast of situation Xia, people consumption level constantly improve of situation Xia, also appeared some non-traditional waste, is in consumption field produced of waste increasingly more, like today we discussion of packaging waste, may for decades years Qian everyone are not put packaging waste as a problem, because packaging industrial not is developed, people consumption process in the also no consumption how many this things, so not exists this problem. Now e-waste, including scrap car, scrap tire, we produced in the consumption process.

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