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Sports development trend
- Jan 14, 2017 -

With the State General Administration of sports fitness policy, by 2020 there will be a 40% of nationals to actively participate in various sports activities, sport consumption demand rose sharply, sports retail market has great growth potential.

Sports brand brought by the different operation modes of the ping effect is different. Sports stores shop ping effect about 3000 Yuan/month, shop the collection has a strong collection of resources, guest residence time increased and rapid updating and circulation of goods, driving sales growth, collection shop in shop mode, its ping attainable form shop ping effect more than 1 time, about 6000-8000 Yuan/month. Different forms in a single collection of stores and shops, sport larger supermarket, Decathlon area of more than 3000 square meters and above, Decathlon form shop ping effect for 800-1000/month.

In different modes in the sports industry, customer stickiness is the highest at the Club. Especially outdoor sports-related clubs, members have a strong appeal and members a high degree of brand loyalty. Yonex reds Club settled in Beijing, Head authorized Qinhuangdao forest Tennis Club sells its products more mountaineering club, camping clubs and high professional sports was a good combination.

Drive product sales by members of the club activities, mostly online, there are also some stores set up in business in the community, sometimes in very remote places, but loyal customer base and stable revenue to maintain the Club's long-term operations.

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