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Outdoor waterproof bag function
- Jun 12, 2018 -

For many friends who like running, hiking or water sports, their belongings will inevitably encounter a wet or flooded environment. Therefore, people who are experienced or foresight will often pay close attention to waterproofing issues, especially delicate electronic products. The waterproof problem. An effective solution is to put items that need waterproofing in waterproof bags and protect them effectively.

Waterproof bag pressure performance is evident from this

The waterproof bag is a functional bag that completely separates the protected article from the water by its own closed function. Common water bags are made of transparent plastic materials, such as food ingredients, light and water-repellent performance, use of nylon composite materials, precision adhesive, nylon ribbon / UTX fasteners, and some waterproof bags are more like The combination of the two, the use of siliconized and PU double-waterproof material, provides excellent waterproof performance.

In general, the waterproof bag that everyone uses most is a waterproof phone bag, as long as it is sealed. Outdoor use of waterproof bags, not only to consider the seal, can not enter the water, but also consider the light, scratch-resistant and wear-resistant properties, especially the sealing technology of waterproof bag sealing.

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