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Outdoor market and investment prospects for the future
- Jan 14, 2017 -

With the level of rapid economic growth, China's outdoor products industry showed a trend of rapid development. Huge market size, broad prospects for development attracted famous outdoor companies to accelerate into the Chinese market, these international giants with strong capital, research and development, design and marketing strength, have increased efforts to open up the Chinese market, and seize more market share.

2012 China outdoor industry apparel products occupy the largest market share, reaching 47.55%, occupying the second place is the outdoor and leisure footwear, followed by Backpack category, sales of these three products accounting for the proportion of the industry's annual sales of nearly 90%.

Leading outdoor brand in Europe and developed countries have entered China, 2012 China outdoor market there are 557 brand, up 17% over the previous year, of which domestic brands 225, 332 international brands. From a sales perspective, 2012 foreign brands accounted for 55%, domestic brands accounted for 45%.

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