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Opportunites in the preferred
- Jan 14, 2017 -

Self-driving freedom, by many others, when driving to the field or play in the distance, provide full hotel room could not be worried? Or not familiar with destinations and find a suitable accommodation. It will affect our own moods.

Now has has car in the bed, if met above of problem, you on not again variable of went, in travel way especially a a people drive of when, tired inevitably, to for appropriate rest to continues to road, put car open to service area or for rest of locations, can directly filling aerobic, Pu to Hou seat Shang, people directly lying in above rest several hours, then again road, on without worried fatigue driving this situation occurred, spirit better, along also more can fun.

Bed in the car as a self-driving tour of the back seat of the car, portable, folding space is welcomed by everyone. Inflatable shortcut can be inflatable by manual or electric air pump for inflatable pump, filling on top of the rear seat after aerobic, adults and children can use, comfortable, simple, generous, people instantly feel the feeling of home, like at home on a warm spring.

Car beds use environmentally friendly PVC material, fabric flocked, inflatable mouth-filling inlet design perfect combination of reasonable size and body size, as comfortable as a bed at home, if the whole family go the distance play, rest time and effort better worry!

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