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Moutaineering Tips
- Feb 06, 2018 -

Mountaineering is a life-threatening sport that needs to be taken seriously. If you want to safely climb the snow-capped mountains, find the right guide is not enough, but also requires the climber itself has a certain quality. The charm and danger of climbing all lie in the details. Neglect or fluke, all means disaster. Life is your own, mentality is very important. In addition, for climate change, the difference between the different seasons in the route should also be fully understood and predicted.

1,Before climbing in the mountains, you need have adequate outdoor life experience, to adapt to this need to solve the various life details of the movement. A preliminary understanding is neccesary to adapt to the high altitude for human body. Familiar with the necessary equipment for climbing, including clothing, carrying, camping equipment, protective equipment, auxiliary equipment. Peace of mind, no matter how high you climb, you must be safe to return to the ground.

2,At the first climb in the mountains, mainly to obtain high-altitude climbing experience. Recommendation: Avoid climbing peaks above 6,500 meters above sea level. Avoid climbing mountains requiring technical operation requirements. Looking for relevant mountain peak formal climbing report to read, rather than to others based on the intuitive experience to judge. It is best to do this through formal business mountaineering, looking for a mountain service with a good track record.

3,In determining the suitable mountain, looking for qualified mountaineering services at the same time, also need to know more about the various potential dangers of the mountains, including: mountain sickness, bad weather, intense sunshine, snow and ice marching. At the same time, people who know their basic physical condition and are in diseases such as heart, brain, blood vessels and lungs should not go mountain high. Healthy people also need physical training in advance.

4, Based on the first three tips, you can try to be the first premier alpine climbing under the premise of security. After into the mountains, we must first get a good alpine adaptation, it is recommended to buy a shiatsu oximeter,if blood oxygen below 70, we should prepare for the next withdrawal. After adapting, follow the arrangement of qualified guides and gradually climb. In case of bad weather, we must promptly terminate.

5, just started climbing mountains, avoid "romanticism" and "utilitarianism"! Mountaineering charm and danger are in the details - in the snow-capped mountains, pee will lead to death, forget to rub sunscreen and lipstick will be an accident ...  Whether climbing or not, it's especially important to know from the first climb whether you are fit for the sport. Then decide whether to terminate or step up.

In short, mountaineering is a life-threatening sport and needs to be taken seriously. Do remember two points: 1: Never despise any one mountain; 2: Get everything ready before setting off.

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